What a game! Duke down 5 with 20 seconds left in OT and came back and won at the buzzer!

Aided as usual by a no foul call on the UNC inbounds play that gave the ball to Duke. But you got to give it to Duke players. They fought to the end. And UNC guys, overmatched in talent except Anthony showed heart in the middle of a terrible season.

Absolutely! Without the refs help on that play, Duke would not have had the opportunity to make those fantastic plays at the end of the game. There was a ref standing 2 feet away from the play who swallowed his whistle on a totally obvious and egregious foul.

It was, however a GREAT game from start to finish.

ACC officials let the players play and don’t let fouls decide the game as so many of the SEC officials do. Personally I like the idea and wish the SEC would do the same. To often like the SC game to many fouls are called. 57 fouls in one game is ridiculous! Yes the ACC officials miss some calls, but they are some of the best in the country. The football officials in SEC are for the most part pretty good, but the basketball officials have not kept up as the players have improved over the years!

One thing that hasn’t changed across sports is that the best players and the better teams usually get the benefit from referees, umpires, etc.
It’s not right, but it’s most always been that way.

I’m just proud NC sucks this year. I hope they never win another game.
Duke did get every break.

Basketball officials work across conferences; there is no such thing as designated conference officials in basketball like there are in football. Ted Valentine was the one at the center of the no call last night. He works plenty of SEC games.

TV Teddy did a pretty good job last night of letting the game go without taking over.

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