Duke job is also open

David Cutcliffe, who had some success there, is out after a truly awful season. Duke is a tough place to win, but they can pay ACC level money and the expectations will be low. I think a coordinator from an FBS school or or an up and comer from a lower level school probably gets the job.

I sent my resume in. Waiting to see if I get a call back.

I’m rootin’ for you.

Durham is a weird place. The area around the Duke campus is magnificent; much of the rest of the city is kinda… gritty. I hear the same applies at Yale-New Haven.

a classmate of mine went to Yale, our freshman year was 1987, so things may have changed. He was mugged 3 times in 2 semesters. quite the shock for a Catholic high grad! he hated the town. bad weather, and man, that is a lot of terrifying experiences.


I live in Chapel Hill, used to live in Durham, and one of my sons and his wife live in Durham now. The area around Duke is not particularly magnificent. But Durham as a city, which years ago was hardly a destination, is the place to be now. It is hard to buy a house now in even the places that were formerly the grittiest. At one time a lot of Duke students hardly ventured out. Now there are all kinds of festivals, music events, etc., and Durham was selected by some publication as the “Foodiest City in the South”. My son works at a restaurant downtown, my wife and I sat outdoors, and trendy people and Duke students kept walking by and a Ferrari motored by. Durham used to be the butt of jokes, but no more.

Interesting. Maybe it’s just the path I took, but when I was in Durham a few months ago, much of what I saw looked like the back of an old radio, to steal from a joke I once heard about New Jersey.

I have noticed one thing about NC that’s a lot different than Arkansas. They flat out buy the big-buck cars. There are Teslas all over the place, I’ve seen a few Maseratis, Lambos, Ferraris. Maybe that reflects their economy as opposed to Arkansas’, but even in the big-dollar sections of NWA I don’t remember seeing the flashy rides.

Don’t know where you drove, but looks can be deceiving. A lot of Durham may look old and run-down, but it is the place to be now. As far as cars go, in a nod to my Arkansas roots I have an old Subaru pickup truck, red with a Razorback plate on it, and an old Honda S2000 sports car, red with a RACERBAX license plate, but if I want to fit in around here I should have a Tesla instead (along with the solar we recently had installed), Teslas are all over the place.

I was working for two weeks in Oxford, NC, and had to go through Durham to get to/from there. For some reason GPS didn’t direct me to I-85 so I drove through town. Couldn’t tell you what streets or highways I took though.

On a different subject, speaking of Cutcliffe, he turned Duke football from a joke into relevant, although the last two years were really awful. Btw, after his first year at Duke, the Tennessee job was his for the taking, but having been fired at Ole Miss for a season that would have gotten him a raise at Duke, he wanted no more of the SEC. The following story illustrates how irrelevant Duke football was before Cutcliffe. My sister-in-law met the head coach in the lobby of their Durham hotel and ran up to him with a camera. The coach was beaming, expecting her to ask for a photo and an autograph, and she instead handed him the camera and asked him if he would please take a photo of the family. She had no idea who he was other than a nice guy who graciously complied.

There are a few

Quite a few Tesla’s actually

There is a lime green Lambo I see coming out of Pinnacle fairly often

That reminds me. A few years back (it was Super Bowl Sunday but couldn’t tell you which SB) I had to drive to DFW Airport to do the paperwork for one of Homeland’s trusted traveler programs (I was going to Europe in a few months and wanted to avoid the long lines); the appointment was first thing Monday morning. We stayed in a decent but not fancy motel near DFW, something like a Hampton Inn. And in the parking lot of that Hampton was a lime green Lambo.

I’m seeing more & more Teslas in Little Rock. I wanted one at one time, but not so much now. Unless something changes, my next ride will be the all-electric Cadillac Lyriq.

I thought about a Tesla, but their quality control in fit and finish are abysmal.

I read one article that said you should never pay for an optional color with a Tesla, just buy the white and do a wrap as soon as you get it.

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