Duke-Jawja underway

No score in the second.

Florida and FAU finally about to start (and no, that’s not the school that employs Elmo’s mancrush). Florida is pitching Kowar. FAU probably got a break that their pitchers got an extra day of rest due to last night’s postponement.

Georgia scored 2 in the second. Now top 3, Duke batting.

Georgia has their hands full with Duke!

Duke gets 4 in the 3rd, still batting

5-3 now. Georgia just got a solo homer to cut it to 5-3.

FAU is up 5-0 on the Wallets in the 3rd. Kowar getting whacked and his right fielder misplayed two ball which didn’t help.

FAU now up 7-2.

Georgia has nine outs left, still down 5-3.

Duke got a solo jack in the 7th, up 6-3. Georgia got one back in the bottom of the seventh. Keegan McGovern, representing the tying run, worked a full count then struck out to end the inning (McGovern has 18 homers).

Unless I read wrong, Georgia just got beat for the second time.