Duke isn't playing in the NIT

As I guessed, since they didn’t make the Dance.

Neither is Louisville, which is waiting to see if somebody has to drop out due to COVID. If not, the Cardinals’ season is over.

Neither is St. John’s, according to a tweet I saw a bit ago.

I’m in DFW so I was looking forward to seeing teams in the NIT that were normal tourney teams like Duke/Louisville/Seton Hall but alas, they’re all dropping out. St. John’s is dropping out of NIT consideration as well.

Ole Miss is a 1 seed in the NIT, Moo U is a 4. Only other Power 5 team is NC State which is a 3 seed. Other 1 seeds are Memphis, Saint Louis and Colorado State, pending teams dropping out of the NCAA. Memphis isn’t going anywhere though. They’re evidently fifth on the First Four Out list.

Dang…Penny got his 1 seed. Bless his heart…


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