Duke is a 3.5 point favorite

Duke - Hogs

Just what we need. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Good. We remain the underdog. Fuel for the fire. Throw in the media desire for a Coach K coronation (and I have nothing but respect for Coach K btw) and we have plenty of motivational fuel…above and beyond the obvious desire to make the Final Four!

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I couldn’t help but notice that our “upset” over the Zags was the talk…UNTIL Duke won…and then the narrative of the talking heads was - once again - all about our upcoming opponent. Arkansas is just the Washington Generals for Coach K’s boys.

I like it.


I too noticed that when I watched the night cap show, I think it was called something like Madness Insider, that came on after the last game. We had what was by some described as the 3rd biggest upset in NCAA Sweet 16 history and all they really talked about was what Gonzaga didn’t do then on to the Duke game which wasn’t even an upset. The higher seed won. They were falling all over themselves to talk about Coach K. Arkansas in the whole show just seemed like “Oh BTW Arkansas was there and they advanced.” In fact, even when they began showing Arkansas highlights they were still just talking about Duke things and the main announcer (can’t remember his name but he always wears a bowtie), well he had to steer them to the topic on the screen.

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