Duke at Norltre Dame lack of fairness

Zion Williamson smacked a Norte Dame player in the face. Upon review common foul. If the review was a Norte Dame player it would have been a F-1 or F-2.
Just a typical example of a cash cow getting took care.

Read the background on Zion’s family. He shouldn’t be playing college ball. His family received benefits in high school. There was an article on him before he went to Duke.

He’s another cash cow pay to play guy!
Auburn has one that sat out all last year and 10 games to start this year that got paid. Kansa has one playing overseas and another one on their bench and 2 in the the NBA that got paid. It’s all over Dicision 1 in college basketball.

It’s wrestling.

Just another fine example of the NCAA protecting thier Blue Blood programs. It doesn’t help that most at ESPN and Fox Sports One also support this hypocrisy.

Zion and his mom are good people.

I can’t say that about everybody around him.