Duke -Ark softball

Just got in from working out missed the first inning but nobody scored so I’ll keep up until baseball starts.

Hoffman K
Hedgecock K
Prigge K

Six straight K by their freshman LH…smh
0-0 going to the bottom of the 2nd

Any way to keep up with the game without paying for espn+ or giving them my credit card and cancelling w/i five days?

Not that I know of.

LHP Camenzind is pitching for the Hogs.

Ground up the third base.
Double off the top of the wall
1-0 runners on 2nd and 3rd
K on a nasty breaking ball
Single scores 2…3-0 Duke
Pitching Change… Mcgaffin coming in
Pop up to 3b…

Duke 3-0 after 2

Last week got the live stats and video of the game w/o the credit card requirment.

That was through unlv’s Network… ESPN+ will always require you to pay

Thanks, good play by play, won’t miss the live stat reports, realize when Ark v. Texas starts, your out of there, hope we can get something going soon.

Yeah we got to put the bat on the ball she has struck out six in a row after she walked the first batter

TCU is smoking Vanderbilt 10 to 3 in the 7th

Kramer pop up the 3B

Rijo K on high gas that is our weakness based on what I’ve seen so far.

Lead off Johnson.K on more high gas took a pitch right down the middle of a plate for strike two and then swing at one about neck high

Double off the top of the wall
Double off the wall 4-0
Pitching change. Delce coming in.
Light rain starting to fall
Ripped base hit right up the middle 5-0
Single…runners on first and second one out

Ground out to SS

Duke 5-0 after 3

Wonder if rules of tourney call for pitching change after two innings?

If you get ESPN through your provider, you get ESPN+.

Nope… you get SEC+ but not ESPN+ Have to pay for that bad boy.

Yep got to pay $10.99 a month

Foreman pop up to 2B

Halvorson …double up against the fence

Gammill. Throwing Error on third baseman allows us to score 5-1 they actually called it a hit and a error

Hoffman ripped into left field…5-2

Hedgecock… passed ball allows Hoffman to 3b. Just hammered one about a hundred feet over the fence but it hooked foul that brings about a pitching change LOL runner on third just one out…K but the ball is in the dirt and the catcher did not want to risk throwing the ball with a runner on third so we have runners on 1st and 3rd

Prigge ground out to 2B but scores a run


Estrada to pinch hit for Rijo…k

Good inning we’re right back in the game

Duke 5-3

Trying to make it interesting, 2 in the fourth and still batting.

New pitcher for Dook. Hedgecock reaches on a strikeout in the dirt because the catcher didn’t throw to first.

RBI grounder by Prigge, 5-3.

Kramer walks, tying run on first.

Estrada pinch hits, whiffs.

Yeah you can go ahead and take over Jeff baseball to be starting pretty soon.

It’s raining very hard right now we may not be playing for a while… yep rain delay