DUI Issues

As much as I want to support the football staff, I’m having a real issue of them seemingly not showing the entire team how to put UBER on their phone’s speed dial. Also, it should be emphasized to the young men that failure to use said service when one is in any way impaired (or breaking other rules) would result in punishments that would have made Wilson Matthews proud. For those who do not know of coach Matthews reputation, he was infamous for dishing out punishments so severe that the culprits never broke the rules again. Also, others would tend to avoid breaking the rules after learning of the punishments dished out. It’s not rocket science folks.

Uber isn’t free. It’s not hugely expensive, generally, but it isn’t free. Neither are taxis, which have been around approximately forever. Should an impaired athlete avail himself of one of these? Yeah, but there were times in my college life (or after) that I couldn’t have come up with the needed funds on a weekend in that situation (and remember, we can’t pay them and they can’t have side jobs).

Then you get to the side question of why an athlete is impaired to begin with.

Typed this before I saw which athlete was involved. Kid from The Woodlands is gonna have a harder time pleading poverty, but it’s not impossible.

https://parking.uark.edu/transit-servic … /index.php

While I agree everyone - not just young kids/athletes - should use UBER/Lyft, Saferide and taxis, let’s don’t act like this is anymore prevalent than it was back in the day.

In fact, there’s less of it. But the ones these days are reported and prosecuted.

There are many stories of athletes getting themselves in trouble during the 1970s-90s, but it was swept under the rug.

I know first-hand of some of these back when I was inside the program and it wasn’t just the athletes.

By the way, Uber is an app, not a number.

Oh yeah. Stuff happened under Holtz and Sutton, and early Nolan, that would make your head spin now.

I never hold coaches responsible for misbehaviors the player should know better than commit. However, I do expect them to discipline them accordingly. Teams can’t function without players who follow rules, including criminal laws. But as offenses do, this is hardly as bad as it gets. I am confident CCM will deal with this as he should. I bet he’s had to deal with it before—even at that church school he came from.

I think all coaches punish players in their own way with suspensions and physical activity. Not sure what Wilson Matthews punishment you are talking about. I hope you are not talking about physical torture. Thank goodness the world has progressed to where torture is considered barbaric and outlawed in most democratic countries.

You can add Frank’s players to the list…

You have to give him time to get these situations under control but you can’t blame him for something going on at 2 a.m in the morning… I’m sure it will take just one getting put off the team for something like this to set the tone…

While commanding in the Army, when DUI’s became a problem, hard and swift punishment was the norm. That usually took care of it. Boys will be boys and I did my share of stupid things in college and afterward, so I get the lack of judgement to phone a friend, Uber, or a taxi. A good tongue lashing to the team will help and if the team also shares in the punishment, there is a powerful peer pressure message that can be brought to the table. I suspect this will be a big topic of discussion when the team meets later this week.

The scary thing about this latest one is that in the story, he almost ran into the concrete barrier at the flyover. This could’ve been a serious life-threatening accident. It would be nice if the athletic department could set up a Lyft, or Uber account for them to use if needed, but I’m sure that would run afoul of NCAA rules. I know that I have a family Uber account that we (mostly my grown kids) use when they have been out or just need a ride somewhere. It’s comforting to have.

Yes, that would violate NCAA rules.

They can use the UA’s SafeRide program for free.

I think Dudley nailed it. We’ve always had problems with young men who get to cut their mother’s apron strings and who feel the freedom and temptations of starting college life. I remember when I was a young guy just starting college. I was not a saint but I like to think that I gained some sense as I grew older.