Dugout in omaha has big sale

sad for no Omaha, but the dude who is in lots of the woe is Omaha stories is actually having a big sale inc some AR CWS hats. I got some Vandy and AR stuff from the following:


Wow, hats for $9.99! That is indeed cheap.

I’m going to get a few for the kids. That’s a good deal! I miss baseball!

If I didn’t have somewhere in the vicinity of 60 hats, I would consider buying one. (Not all are Razorback hats, but most are.)

I wear a hat a whole lot working in the garden and fishing! Almost all of my hats are Hog hats!

I’m a sucker for Razorback hats too Marty. Actually Razorback anything. Great price but I have more than I’ll ever wear.

LD you had your shoulder worked on a few months back how are you doing?

If there were a sale on bases-loaded beer hats, I’d be all over it.

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It was a frozen shoulder and I did PT on it for a couple of months. It’s better but still not 100%. I can play golf with it but the next day I pay for it. Youdaman had rotator cuff surgery last fall. That’s really tough. I think he is better.

Ready to try a little catch with the grandsons. Thanks for asking…

Your welcome. Enjoy the grand kids.
I don’t play much golf anymore I still go to the golf course and play a few holes and follow my grandson and my son in law. The time we spend together on the golf course is just fun!

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