Duds, As much as I hate to

say this but it may be time to move on. I can’t figure out why we are so bad defensively. Kingsley seems to be trying to impress scouts instead of playing his game. Im a diehard CMA fan, but I don’t see how he can survive this.

Why do you hate to say something?

If that is what you believe, that is what you should advocate.

Never understood why fans think I care who is the football or basketball coach.

I’ve been through plenty of them and God willing I’ll go through many more.

I’m 53 and have no plans to retire any time soon.

As I have said many times, Coach Anderson was a friend and confidant when my first wife Laura was battling cancer and passed away. He lived a few doors down.

But when he became head coach, a different dynamic emerged as it should journalistically.

We seldom talk on a personal basis.

Dudley I appreciate your insights. Do you feel any different about his job status as compared to 24 hours ago?

Would be an idiot if I didn’t see how the last two games have impacted the season and turned some against him staying around.

There was alway a group of fans who don’t want him as the coach at Arkansas regardless of his record, etc, because he wasn’t their pick, they didn’t like how it ended with Nolan, etc.

But I am sure there are more now because the Razorbacks are 17-7 and 6-5 and those are unacceptable records to some in the sixth year when they don’t automatically scream big dance.

I would say barring a total collapse - and I guess there are at least 8 games at least remaining - that he would be retained because of the recruits that he has lined up.

But that’s just an educated guess from listening to Jeff Long talk about Coach Anderson’s tenure on Bo’s show.


I believe Mike will get another year. Jeff Long hired him, and Jeff Long will give him a little more time to be successful.

I wish things were going well…I don’t know anybody who does not like Mike Anderson. I don’t know him personally, but from watching him all these years he seems to be a really nice man. He has made a lot of money coaching basketball and has been given enough time to get the program in great shape. It just has not happened. Jeff Long is earning his pay on this decision. I hope he makes the right one for the program.

I watch the way a team like Vanderbilt plays and think…that kid is a heckuva coach. Watch those guys pass and cut and play smart. That is a basketball team that is better than it should be. I look at us with more talent, and we are a mess. What is the deal? It appears the players have lost their desire to win. Maybe they can get it back and finish strong.

Let’s see how this season plays out. There is not much else we can do.

I would say barring a total collapse - and I guess there are at least 8 games at least remaining - that he would be retained because of the recruits that he has lined up.

Dudley so why would the recruits save his job? I realize a belief in a style but when you don’t have the players or team to play it why continue with it? After 6 years of playing this style and recruiting players that fit into how he coaches where are the results? We have no consistent players in the frontcourt at the 3-4, this is Mike’s doing. I love the players in this 2017 class but we can’t expect any other than Gafford to come in and contribute right away, the class is ranked #26. As a program how as fans can we believe we are headed in the right direction, potential signees? Can Mike really coach them or do they play with the same effort and effectiveness as this team? I wish it would get better because we need stability but Mike has not given us that, not close in wins and losses.

The kids the staff has lined up are better than what they have been bringing in. Before I made a decision l would sure like to know for sure these kid are going to be eligible.

Quality of coaches in the SEC has risen a lot. Might get tougher after LSU and Missouri change.

I remember how excited I was when Mike was named Head Basketball Coach at the University of Arkansas. I thought our long years in the wilderness were over and that a return to the Richardson - Sutton standards of excellence was immediate.

I truly respect Mike and want him to be successful.

Sadly, I no longer believe that is a likely outcome.

Absent a major turn around that results in a 2017 NCAAT Dance invitation I believe it is time to make a change.

After seeing our season go from average to BAD, I feel like it is time to get the house in order. If we loose the next game, I think that it is time. CMA is not what we need for a winning program in the SEC.

The recruits saving his job.

Didn’t say recruiting alone would save it

But in a close call, that’s certain to be a factor with Long.

That’s just common sense

Let’s not let common sense come into this! Of course the committed recruits are a factor. I am one who didn’t particularly like the hire and have questioned if Coach Anderson will get it done. But it APPEARS the talent level is getting ready to make a marked improvement. Recruiting, by the way, has always been my major concern. If I was making the decision (which of course I am not) I would wait until at least the end of next year.

I am NOT happy with the results of the last 6 years. But it would be foolish to change at this point when we just may be getting close to seeing improvement.

That could be. It does seem he is not playing as well as last year and that he want to play the #3 position instead of #4 or #5.