Dudley's surgery update

Got a good report from Petra that Dudley was out of surgery this morning. The damage to his knee was severe, so it was good that he got the total knee replacement. He did fine through surgery and is recovering.

I’ll add more as Petra gives me another update later in the day.

I’m sure Dudley will be back kicking butt and taking names soon.


Great news praying for a complete recovery.

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Thanks Clay.
Keeping Dudley in our thoughts.

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Interested to see how it goes. I need total knee replacement also. In my prayers Dudley. Look forward to hearing recovery process.

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Way to go, Dudley. Thanks, Clay.

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Great news. Ole Dudley won’t be down long.

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Glad all is going well. It do make me feel old when my youngers start replacing body parts. So far, knock on wood, I’m still running on all original equipment.

All the best in your recovery, DD!


Thrilled to read the good news.


Had both knees replaced 8 years ago. The first 7-10 days are pretty tough but you need to manage the pain so you can do all the PT. If you can get through that, your knee replacement will be the best thing you can do for yourself. Best wishes and do your therapy.

Dudley is awake. First thing he was told, “They canceled the bowl.” You go to sleep for 3 hours and a lot can happen.


Surprised we didn’t get a recruit commitment while he was out.

Get well Dudley. Glad your surgery went well.

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I pray Dudley has a speedy recovery!
You can’t keep a good man down! He will be chomping at the bit to get back to work.

Hang in there DD !

Praying for a speedy and full recovery, Dudley!

Thinking about you, Duds! Have a speedy and complete recovery.

Just wondering what we can expect from the new bionic Dudley? Not sure he will be the six million dollar man, but hope his improved wheels will improve his daily life. Best wishes for your rehab and recovery.

Good news! Wishing him a quick and full recovery, a lot of good things happening in Razorback nation and I’m sure Dudley is anxious to get back at it again, WPS

The good reports really do warm our hearts.


We wish you the best, Dudley. Get well and back to doing what you enjoy.