Dudley's story on the freshmen

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I hope it doesn’t work out that MA shortens the bench in SEC play. Arkansas needs to play 11 in this system. If the Hogs try to stack their top eight or nine against the rest of the SEC, it will finish in the middle of the pack. More than half of the league has seven or eight players who can match up against the Hogs’ top seven or eight. The Razorbacks will have to win on the strength of the bench, and it’s not strong enough going to eight or even nine.

I haven’t seen enough Arkansas basketball this year (though I’ve seen every game) to agree or disagree with this. Likewise, I certainly haven’t watched any of the other teams (except KY) to be able to agree or disagree with this. What games have you watched of the other teams in the SEC to know what their rotation is going to be come SEC play. That’s got to be pretty incredible given the fact it is highly unlikely the coaches of the other SEC teams know what their rotation would be. Your post appears to be typical flaw on this message board where one wants to post their conclusion, but some how needs to come up with a premise to support that conclusion. However, your premises is based without fact, that I can tell.

I think it sometimes takes care of itself. Injuries or sub par play will whittle down the bench. It seems to always happen. But this is a good time to see what you’ve got. The depth on this team appears to be good enough to support playing at least 10.