Can Moore and Moody take another official here with a new coach coming in?

I’m not sure about an official but for sure they can take an unofficial on their own dime! If they have real interest I think that would be the case!

One official visit per school. New coach doesn’t reset the limit.

I think you are speaking of Chris Moore and Mose Moody, if so I don’t believe they have taken an OV to Arkansas to start with.

Moody took an OV last year with Bryce Thompson and Murrell kid from Memphis.

MY bad, here is an article from RD on the OV.
http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2018 … -visiting/

I think Arkansas may be able to bring Moody in again.

I base this opinion on NCAA rule

Just out of curiosity, I think the rule is the HC gets only one in home. If a coach takes an in home and then leaves/is replaced, does the new coach get an in home?

I believe you are correct. Wow, an NCAA rule that makes sense for the athlete, not just the school. Will wonders never cease?