? Dudley

Who do you think Mike has a good chance of signing to replace Gafford when he leaves after this year?

Khadim Sy is a guy they should be going after hardddddddd.

To be honest, I don’t really know of someone at the moment that would be a likely add although I am sure that some will emerge between now and the spring.

Khadim Sy is a possibility, but the 6-10, 240-pound center who has twice left Virginia Tech - first to enroll at Tallahassee CC and now at Daytona State - is a mystery, albeit one who is getting a lot of offers lately.

He averaged 4 points as a freshman at Virginia Tech, transferred to Tallahassee, transferred back to Virginia Tech and redshirted and then transferred to Daytona State.

Sy has averaged 22.8 points and 8 rebounds through his first four games this season at Daytona State.

Oh are we actually recruiting this guy? Good to hear.

I actually went to their home page to see how my boy Doudou was doing and it seems like they likely have several D1 talents because no one is getting a ton of minutes or anything, but Sy has been dominate just by looking at this stats. Doudou is getting like 10 and 6 in about 18-20 min of run a game.