How does Justice Hill compare to Jared Harper from Auburn?

Not Dudley, but I’ve seen them both at the stage, Harper was/is much more of a scorer and better shooter. Hill is more explosive and physical. They are similar in height, quickness and facilitation ability. Good question.

I agree with Razor Ag’s assessment.

Justice is very, very good, but Harper has now done it on this level.

Fans should hope that Justice can run his college team like Harper has his this season.

I do think Justice and Baptist Prep’s Isaac McBride are the best true PG prospects in the state in awhile as I consider Austin Reeves a combo.

Dudley who are Isaac’s best offers so far?

Not Dudley, but UALR, Abilene and Arkansas State.

Several months ago, I posted that McBride is as good or better than Hill.

However, I watched both multiple times this year. We definitely chose the better one in Hill.

Hill is a true PG that makes the players around him better…more athletic than most PG’s. As a high school junior, I think he could have helped the Hogs this year.

Still yet, I’m surprised McBride doesn’t have a higher quality offer list.

McBride is tweener to me. Not quite the upper level skills of a PG and not big enough for the two. He can definitely fill it up though.

First, let me make it clear that if UofA wants him and he is coming, that is what is important, but I am surprised at the offer list. Was it just assumed that due to his dad’s connections to UofA that he was coming to UofA and that affected his offers? Or are other big boys truly not interested?

That was what I wondered when I saw the offer list as well.

We were talking about Isaac’s offers, not Justice.

I’m a Baptist alumn, so I have seen Isaac play quite a bit, and he is definitely more of a score than facilitator. he plays the point for them because they want the ball in his hands because is definitely the best player, that being said he can do everything you want as a score. Obviously he is a little bit undersized for that position which I hate because he has some major skills

Yeah, that’s who I’m talking about. That offer list that RD posted doesn’t have a lot of “names”