For the 2020 hoops class, do you think we would take doakes, moody, Davonte Davis, Chris Moore, jaylin Williams and any chance we could get back in on Nick Ogenda? Feels like that class along with last years would get program back to 90s level

Do we have a plan “B” in case we fail on KB?

Here’s the deal about 2020.

I think they will load up as much as possible, but it’s a numbers game.

I am virtually certain that all 13 on scholarship won’t be back next season. I think they will sign three and carry over any others into 2020 if there are any more spots available

They want all the kids you have noted.

I don’t know enough about Ogenda’s situation to know if a swing is possible there.

Kelly Bryant?

One would suppose, but it’s not a definite yet.

I have been so curious about that. How did Nick end up committing to Western Kentucky? I see where he is rated really high, but don’t know much about him… Would love to have some more info if and when you get it

Originally a 2020 kid, he reclassified to 2019 and signed with Western Kentucky.

He’s an athletic rebounder and shot blocker. Pretty limited offensively.

I think Jaylin Williams is the big they want. He went up against Nick last week or weekend I can’t remember which and put on a show against the prep school. Sounds like a switch flipped for JW.

More skilled than Nick. Always has been.

Would agree with that assessment of the two

So we will lose 2 plus Daniel? And maybe more? Outside of Henderson and Ali, I don’t see anyone that isn’t getting minutes. And losing 3 bigs even if 2 aren’t playing would be a problem? Bring in Justice, Franklin, and ?

I’m not guaranteeing anything.

I’m saying that you should always look at those who are not playing much or at all as to how the roster gets turned over.

We are not going to lose Henderson and Ali. It looks highly probable that Garland scholarship could be available. Regarding the other scholarship becoming available, I worry about Keyshawn Embery-Simpson if he does not become a starter before the year is out. I don’t see him being happy coming off the bench forever.

I wouldn’t bet on any of that PJ.

I agree with you dudley…keyshawn got quite a bit of play last game if he made most of the shots he took we easily could say that was a breakout game for him

That is reassuring to hear about Keyshawn. I hope I am right about Ali and Henderson. However, I should not have been that definitive about those two.

I will let it play out and quit worrying. Mike knows what he has and what he is doing.