If justice bill goes in '18, do we still have room for dj weaver or rodgerick brown

Yes. Right now there is one scholarship available for the 2017 class and two for the 2018 class.

When I first heard Dr. Fitz Hill mention the possibility of Justice joining the team in 2018-19 season on DTS, he indicated that Justice would only do that if Mike Anderson feels that Justice coming in with the other Hog 5 would be beneficial to both Justice and Arkansas. And he indicated this decision would be a late decision.

I don’t expect Mike to keep a scholarship open that late for Justice, just in case. So my thought is that he would come in as a walk-on just for the 2018-19 season. Just speculating.

If they sign some one this year - as expected - then they would have six for 2018.

Unless someone leaves this year or next year - that remains at 6.

You have 4 commits already - or five with Hill.