Thanks for info on the Rumble. I know you had much rather be in Forrest City than Portland during Thanksgiving. But, I know you have to do what you have to do. The Cardinals are going after a big bat and closer for the bull pen. Looks like they may use their numbers in the out field and their young pitchers for trade.

Dr hog this past season the Cards would have made the playoffs if they had a marginal closer. They should look through the Braves Triple A system!

Very important to get both the big bat and a closer just to compete with the Cubs and Milwaukee.

I think you need to also elevate the defense in the infield.

I do believe they are finally of the mindset that they can’t just tinker and have to make big, bold moves.

In now way, no matter how talented, would I take another team’s AAA closer and install him as St. Louis closer.