Are Sills, Hill, garland, and Joe the type of elite guards that can win in March?

Looks like it to me, but they have not played a single minute of college basketball and two of them are juniors in high school so who knows for sure until they step on the court.

Is Hill a Junior or Sophomore?

Hill is a sophomore, but has hinted at possibly joining the others when they come in on 2018

Justice could skip his senior year? Graduate a year early?

It’s a possibility per his dad

I suggested this once and everyone acted like it was blasphemous.

When you suggested it his dad had actually said no (question was asked about Justice on one of the shows), he wasn’t going to come in early. He has since adjusted the statement saying if CMA needs him, Justice will be here. Makes me think Perry is one and done.

That’s because at the time his dad - the educator - said absolutely no way.