Dudley ?

In a 4 page post which you were involved in I didn’t understand something so just asking for clarification. You said, in regards to keeping or not keeping the coach, you said it was trending. Trending towards keeping status quo? Trending to firing him and hiring a new coach? Recruiting trending up or down? Lost. Clarification please. Thx in advance

I asked pretty much the same thing here:

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To some extent, whether or not the head football coach is retained, is political. Even if the the administration believe in a head coach, they are affected by the fans. If a majority of the fans want a coach fired and are vocal enough about it in words, donations, and buying tickets, that affects recruiting; therefore, it affects the administration and they will replace the coach.

I don’t believe it has gotten to that point. Nevertheless, I believe that if Arkansas loses most of the remaining games, it will be difficult for the administration to retain the coach because fan discontent will sky rocket. However, if Arkansas wins all or all but one of the remaining games and wins the bowl game, surely the coach will be given at least another year.

I think you pretty much nailed it.

I don’t think he has to win more than 4 of 6 games to keep his job.

5-7 or better seems like he keeps his job no matter what. Long will not send him packing. This team was projected to go
Next year will be the must win year and without drastic improvement by the Oline the same results will happen with the record.

As noted in the other thread, it’s simply an educated guess if things keep trending downwards.

I don’t think a decision has been made one way or the other yet

Funny when I said that when Bret was hired, I was told it has zero to do with the fans and only has to do with the administration.

AU and LSU should be losses so we have the potential to win 4 of the final six games. If we play AU and LSU competitively then I think he is safe but on a hot seat.

4 out of 6 puts us in a bowl. Then the bowl game and first three games next year. 6-6 is a toilet bowl, so after AUB (I still think we have a shot at LSU), there is potential to 8 or 9 wins. Kind of hard to fire a coach whose team mirrors the second year and is going in the right direction. Heck I expect after this year another extension and raise with those now questioning him talking about what a great job he did to turn it around. Will it be him, or the fact the backend of the schedule is cupcake U?

  • LSU lost to Troy, but just won at Florida (which has problems, but still stout at home). Our QB is running for his life and Guice runs for 170 yds. LOSS

  • Ole Miss is talented on offense with no defense. Can we score more than 42 points on the road to win? LOSS

  • Auburn will smash whoever is at QB and Gus will run HB dive (with a few jet sweeps) until our eyes bleed. LOSS

  • MSU has better OL and DL play with a running QB who will run all over us. LOSS

  • Missouri (see Ole Miss). AT home WIN.

  • Coastal Carolina. WIN.

I see 4-8 and would love to be wrong. The defense will continue to be bashed by the run, but I think our only help is for he OL to jel and the continued development of the QB and WRs.

I think there’s a chance he stays at 5-7. Pretty sure he stays at 6-6. I think we’re good enough to win 4 more, but I don’t think we’re so good that we couldn’t lose every remaining SEC game. I don’t think either will happen. We will beat Coastal. Good chance of beating MSU & MU in Fayetteville. That gets us 5. Beating OM on the road looks like a bigger order than I thought a couple of weeks ago. LSU looks to be back on track. I think it’s possible, but not likely, we beat Auburn. A lot depends on how they react to their LSU loss.

One thing I fear is another HDN situation. Nutt lost a good portion of the fan base by 2004. The Springdale matters made it worse. He never recovered. Even though he had pretty good records, the fans had turned on him. We are near that with CBB.

It would seem that the seat would be getting hotter as the season progresses. Sure seems that way. I do not know which way the administration – and I assume higher than Jeff Long makes the decision – is leaning. This would seem to be Chancellor Steinmetz’ play to make and I don’t know what feedback he’s getting from the BOT.

I can only say what I would do…and what I hope will happen. If Bret goes 5-7 I keep him for one more year, knowing the schedule and young talent is there for a serious improvement. But in that case, the 2018 season would have to be a good one. 9 wins or so.

If we can manage 6-6…or better in a minor miracle…I don’t see letting him go. As NEArkie said, we were projected at 5-7 by most outside our program. And that was before we lost Jared, Pulley, and now Austin.

Any hope we had a great year hinged on Austin having a huge year.

I will say this…I think a huge part of the problem right now is that the kids…regardless of what they say…fear losing. Its an easy thing to have set in. That is Bret’s biggest challenge. We need a win…and soon…that doesn’t require late 4th Q heroics. Not sure one of those is on the horizon…but Auburn and LSU have proven they are capable of mental fragility. Ole Miss/Miss St/Mizzou are all beatable.

I really don’t think its a lack of talent thing. Well…against Bama…yes. But we had the talent to play along with TCU and A$M…so we have the talent for everyone left if you ask me.

I’m watching the Oline for improvement via the new starting group. This is the key to our season ending. If our offense is effective then we keep our defense off the field more. The only caveat is the faster tempo will shorten time of possession. I was happy with the Oline against the Dline of BAMA and all of their blitzes. This Oline is an improvement that can give us a shot to win. After a loss to AU, I say we have a good 2 game win streak before LSU. These next 3 games give us a chance to advance past the learning curve of the new starting 5.

They are playing much, much better and I don’t see us stopping their offense. Can we outscore them?