you posted in another thread it’s likely he is fired. Are you hearing this more and more from people with the power to influence such a thing? Or is this something you are projecting after covering Hog sports for almost 4 decades?

I’m sure it’s a combination - I’m just trying to read the pulse of Razorback nation from 1200 miles away.


I have scoured the posts today and this is the only one i have seen from Dudley and starts with big IF. Sorry if there was another post so let me know if so :smiley:

Post by Dudley Dawson » Sun Oct 15, 2017 11:03 am

they are going to make a change at head coach

That is my guess, but it’s not a guarantee or anything.

The news that the buyout is lower than previously thought and the acrimony going on with the fans now makes it likely in my opinion.

albeit adjusted it to read better.

Nowhere did I say that is a reason to not fire him. Nowhere.

In fact, I think it is trending in that direction now at this point and is likely to happen.

What I have now said several times, is that if the coach is fired, the new one needs to be in place to do what he can to get the best class he can signed by Dec. 20-22 or Feb.

If Bret is actually fired, I hope Long hires 1) an ethical caring coach who keeps thugs out of the program. Count me OUT of the “win at all costs” crowd, and 2) someone that believes in sound football. I happen to like Bielema’s systems. They aren’t working…and offensively I’d add some read option…but I think simply sating fan desire to see passes flying all over the yard all the time no matter what isn’t the road to longterm success at Arkansas.

PS–Petrino’s teams could run. I am talking more about a Leach style just throw throw throw. That rarely wins championships. And I actually think we have the right guy at D-Coordinator

I do hope Bret can turn it around enough to earn another year. I think the pieces are in place for a better season next year.

I would surprised if he keeps anybody around but Barry Lunney, Jr., to recruit Arkansas.

And that would be his right.

I don’t think there will be a win at all cost approach taken in a hire of a new head coach when that decision is made.
There’s young talent on both sides of the ball. I hope they keep Michael Smith and Barry Lunney when a change is made.
But I’m not convinced there will be a change this year. Paul Rhodes isn’t doing what he said he would do with the defense so he can hit the road when that times comes.

It won’t be up to them.

It will be up to whoever is the new coach.

I have noticed in your posts that it seems to be a foregone conclusion that Bielema is finished, here.

I know you can’t say whether you’ve heard that from ppl with the Department. But, I wonder, have you gotten indications that Bielema has resigned to his fate and is looking at exit strategies?

Or, is it just a matter of you seeing what we all see–a bad team with a lot of holes and a staff with seemingly no answers?

It’s simply an educated guess based on the downward trend of things.

Might happen, might not.

I will say I don’t think a decision has been made yet one way or the other