Dudley ?

You may not feel comfortable answering this and if so, that’s fine and Im not looking for details but is there any truth to the rumors of Chaney and/or Jones considering transferring?

I can only say that I was told today by someone that should know that those rumors are not true.

I’ll guess we’ll see.

Dudley, who is Porkatarian? He seems like hogville know it all.

Now there’s a question Dudley may not answer in detail.

No big deal. I’ve wondered for years who the person was and if he really had inside connections.

I have no idea.

He or she used to post on this forum when it was an HI site. If I remember it right, he was more of a football fan. Of course right now football fans that hardly posted on the basketball board are flooding the forum.

I asked the Porkatarian on the old HI site, if they were the same one on Hogville. The answer was no.

That is very true

JerryJ if you’re still reading, I have no clue who he/she is, but as I said in another thread that individual has been right quite a bit. That’s why when he/she says something people actually give credence to the statement. What happened this time (I also said this in another post) is guys with actual credentials confirmed the statements, then backtracked. I have no clue if they’re right this time or not, I will say there are a ton of individuals with “inside knowledge” of the situation saying things. I’m sure Chris and Blu will confirm this, the only thing all of them have agreed on so far is it’s HY’s decision. None have said the same thing and that includes the reporters

Thanks baked. Just curious.

He’s hit some and missed some.