Dudley, your redbirds' path to the World Series

just got a little easier with the shocking meltdown loss of the Dodgers to the Nationals. Not easy, but easier. They will still have to beat the Nationals and the American League champs, but getting there to the Series is what I expect to happen now that the National League’s best team is gone.

I am not surprised by the Dodgers not getting to the World Series, but I am surprised at how they screwed up game 5 with Clayton Kershaw. The Dodgers were so strong in a bad division they played under very little pressure all year, and the Nats put it on them with Strasberg and Scherzer. The Nats applied the pressure, got to game 5 and somehow won. It won’t be much fun to be a Dodger fan today.

The Nationals have 3 stud starting pitchers, so they have a chance against anybody, but I think the Cardinals are overall a better team…we shall see. Facing the Yankees or Astros will be a tall order, but hey the Rays may make it. Who knows?

Strasberg was beaten…manager brings in Kershaw, followed by Joe Kelly(who?), go figure. I’ve seen this manager blow it before, maybe the Dodgers make a change. They don’t have that payroll to just win the Division every year. :sunglasses:

Dodgers blowing it. Couldn’t happen to a better group, except maybe the Cubs

I’m stunned we have made it to the NLCS.

Sure didn’t look good against Sanchez on Friday night.

It’s kind of must win today.

Well, Dudley…that was quick. Swept by the Nationals. Never bet on baseball. The Nats got hot and steamrolled their way to the World Series. The Cardinals and Cubs are going to have an interesting offseason.

I wonder what Bryce Harper is thinking? He’s rich no matter what, but I bet he never expected this. Washington is in a great position going forward because of all the money they saved on Harper. Bryce choosing the Phillies turned out to be okay for the Nationals.

I thought of Harper as I watched some of last night’s game and remembered something Dave Van Horn told me several years ago after one of his most talented teams lost in a regional. It was something along the lines of, “So much of success in baseball is based on how the team feels about each other, not necessarily the talent it has.”

Ha…yeah what does he care? He OBVIOUSLY didn’t want to be there…he needs time off anyways to count his money :sunglasses: