Dudley with the latest on power forward Victor Enoh

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Noticed he wants to major in architecture. I cannot imagine any varsity athlete successfully combining architecture and playing; the time demands are too great (I started out as an architecture major many moons ago). They have design classes that meet all afternoon, five days a week, both semesters.

I knew one athlete that tried: Robert Farrell, football WR a couple of years ahead of me. Robert’s dad was an architect. It didn’t last long. He quickly became a business major. Midweek road trips in basketball would make the time conflicts even worse.

Well, how about they let him try it and see how it goes instead of discouraging him.

Actually, he can get through first year in Architecture just fine; the big classes start sophomore year (I just looked at the Arch course list online and the 6-hour classes start at the 2000 level, meaning sophomore, which is also when they began in my day). And if he can figure out how to do it (which probably would require MA tweaking the practice schedule), more power to him.

UA has a very good architecture program, so that’s probably a lure for him. Not every school offers that program. Bama doesn’t, for one.

I like a kid who sets his goals high. It’s his decision anyway. I certainly wouldn’t want to discourage someone who obviously is a smart kid.

Bob Galloway (linebacker from Stuttgart) finished playing football in 1976 and I think he got his Architecture Degree a couple of years later. I worked with Bob one summer and he was and I’m sure still is a very good Architect. Tommy Polk, played football in the early 60’s, did it as well. Those are the only ones I know of. The five afternoons of design lab are just the tip of the iceberg of the time required to complete those design projects. Most students do lots of late hours, weekends, and all-nighters toward the end of each project. Wish him luck but that would be a tough major during basketball season and fall practices.

Well then any school with a top Architect program would require about the same I reckon.
Might as well be us.