Dudley who will be final 3?

I know it’s purely a guess, what are your feelings?

Not Dudley, but Chevin Calloway and Malik Young.

I think a transfer could be the third.

A transfer doesn’t count on the 25, but the 85, correct? Won’t Clary and Richardson count on the 85 although they’ll be 2018, blue shirts? That’s assuming they come and we have scholarships?




Transfer, as in saving it? Are you saying if Johnston said he wanted to come, we’d say the Inn is full?

Not Dudley, but Chevin Calloway and Malik Young.

I think a transfer could be the third.
[/quote]Any speculation on the transfer you and Dudley refer to ?


I have at least two, but rather not say. I doubt it’s just two possibilities.

There’s no guarantee it will be a transfer, but I’ll go with it now.

And if Thomas Johnston - who says he is down to Arkansas, Iowa and Ole Miss - wanted to come I am sure they would find space.

Same with Brad Stewart, but I am not sure about anyone else.

Dudley or Richard what is a blue shirt? I have heard of grey shirt, but not blue shirt and also do you think we have a chance to land any more preferred walkons particularly some of these Juco Linemen?

From a USA Today article:

[quote]Meanwhile, blueshirts represent the newest loophole for FBS programs to accumulate depth while not affecting their annual numbers.

There is one distinct difference, however. Unlike grayshirts, a blueshirt is able to enroll and participate in team events in the fall. This allows programs to get the best of both worlds: FBS schools can delay a scholarship for the following year, allowing them to over-sign beyond the 25-scholarship limit, and get the use of a prospect immediately rather than waiting until the following spring.

The use of a blueshirt was first popularized by New Mexico State, which would support its numbers by enrolling prospects right after the beginning of the fall semester and then place them on scholarship. Tennessee has also embraced the use of blueshirts under coach Butch Jones.



A question and a comment:

Question: Is that saying you sign 25 in February of 2017. You have a 26th guy (or more) who you want to take. In August of 2017 26th guy starts school and is put on scholarship for the Fall of 2017 term? If that is the case, I see the desire to do this. It also seems like a loophole the NCAA would close. It basically makes the 25 limit worthless.

Comment: IF I am misunderstanding what happens above and you can’t put them on scholarship until sometime later, I would rather them “gray shirt.” I get that they can’t practice, play or be involved in team activities (I think that is all because they are not full time students at that point), but the kid they are wanting to “blue shirt” or “gray shirt” is probably a notch below the rest of the guys in your class (or you probably wouldn’t be asking them to do this), I would think not starting the clock on their 5 years to play 4 would be better. Let them “sit out” the Fall (no they can’t work out with the team, but it doesn’t mean you can’t tell them “this is the work our schedule we expect you to keep” etc. and you still have the Spring and Summer to work with them), let them get a year older, wait until Spring to start their 5 years to play 4 deal, that in effect would make a guy who was a high school senior in 2017, a “nothing” in the Fall of 2017, a Freshman in the Fall of 2018 and a RED SHIRT Freshman in the Fall of 2019. Lets him grow up a year without it counting.

Thank you Dudley for all your information on blue shirts. Really appreciate it!

Blue shirts are immediately eligible in the fall, and count in the next class. They can be put on scholarship as soon as the first day of class if there is sufficient room in the 85 number.

Wow, isn’t that a huge hole in the rules?

It’s not a big hole, as it reduces the slots in your next class.