Dudley what is your thoughts on Mike and the program?

Is he safe if we miss the tourney?

Dudley is recovering from the Super Bowl last night, so I’ll weigh in.

Barring a total collapse in the next month, I would be surprised if Mike is not back next year. If they miss the tournament this season, I think next year will be a tournament or bust season.

I don’t agree. The overall production is there. Recruiting, wins with the exception of last year and forward progress. I’m as upset and shocked about the Missouri loss as anyone but the team is better with MA.
MA may need to evaluate his team and make changes to the press and overall concept of defense!
When you keep making the same mistakes over and over you have to change. From fouling 40 feet from the basket to giving up layups and uncontested shots poor blocking out and giving up rebounds not taking care of the ball and committing turnovers. Their is no intensity from one game to the next. There’s no drive to put teams away. This team lacks discipline and leadership that is necessary to win. MA can’t fix not having a true point guard. That’s really our problem. This team has overachieved this year already. MA has time this season to make some changes that could have positive effects. My hope is that he does. The players need to look in the mirror and make changes to fix their individual mistakes that have plagued this team. Maybe a closed door players only with Manny taking control. Something has to motivate this team where they will play with fire and together.
One thing about they do all stink it up for 35 minutes a game together and then flip the switch a get it done for 5 minutes.
MA has done a good job and he is our COACH.

Agree with Army Hog that MA will have to make changes in the program to become a more consistent unit. The rules on hand checking took away the advantages that Nolan had with his 94/95 teams also TV timeouts slows the overall game down and players gets more breaks and you can’t wear down players like you used to be able to do. I believe MA can make changes and be the Hogs coach for as long as he desires, but getting coaches to change their philosophy on coaching is like asking a leopard to drop the spots, it’s not going to happen. Looking for a win against Vandy! WPS

Matt/Dudley, Do you feel that CMA is willing or capable of changing from too much trapping against good teams?

What’s upsetting is that he doesn’t have to make some drastic change like we are doing in Football from a 4-3 to 3-4 scheme. The BB hogs already have Zone, Man and trapping versions. All CMA needs to do is call less trapping defenses against teams with good to great guards. I think we should still use the trapping defenses for short durations to throw off the other team with defensive switches.

I totally agree. If CMA doesn’t make some changes, he’s going to coach himself out a job. :frowning:

I’m just a bit puzzled by this analysis
I agree completely with the assessment of the problems:
Lack of discipline
Lack of leadership
No point guard.
Fluctuating levels of intensity.

I’m just curious as to how you feel this is not the responsibility of the head coach.
And if he doesn’t have a point guard, it’s his fault. He is responsible for the recruitment and development of the team

I think so because of the signees and commits.


Again, there hasn’t been a lot of intense pressing this season.

They have pressed some - some full court, some 3/4, some half court.

But me it is their half-court defense - which they have played far more of - that has been the biggest problem in addition to bot rebounding well enough after it.

I don’t know how Mike ever did what he did at Mizzou and UAB, maybe the rule changes are the problem but he sure as heck seems like now he can’t coach his way into the NIT. Horrible effort Saturday, horrible effort against Okie State, horrible effort against Vandy. Let’s face it, we shoulda lost the first Vandy game, they choked bigtime.