Dudley, What about this team next year?

With Barford and Macon at the guard position and losing Hannahs and Kingsley…what do you think? Will these young freshman be good enough soon enough for the Hogs to compete for the SEC title? Are these freshman good as the Kentucky freshman we normally see? If they are…maybe we can get back to being Arkansas after 15 years of wandering in the wilderness.

Dudley, it just makes me angry and a little embarrassed to lose to Kentucky and John Calipari. When I see Mike Anderson walk by and never slow down as he congratulates Calipari…I think it must chap Mike Anderson a lot more than me. I am referring to our loss at Lexington earlier this year…I didn’t see yesterday’s handshake.

Mike kind of won me over this year. I always liked him…who doesn’t, but he showed me he can coach…this team improved and played about as good as it is capable of playing these past few weeks. What I wouldn’t give for a power forward this year to go with Kingsley. I think a lot of us fans are ready to come back.

KY this year had 3 freshman who were top 10 recuits nationally (Fox, Monk, and Adebayo). All 3 will be first round NBA draft choices. I believe the highest I have seen any of our incoming recruits ranked is in Gafford in the 40’s. Recruiting is obviously not an exact science but don’t think it is at all realistic to expect our incoming recruits to make that kind of impact right away.

I believe Arkansas will be a better team by the end of next year than this year

Arkansas’ incoming talent is really good - all top 100 in 2017 and even better in 2018

But U.K. gets the pick of the litter

If we use Gafford as the rim protector and let him live in the paint he will be on the All SEC Freshman team…

I think the 2018-2019 season is when Arkansas has a chance to be on par with Kentucky or anyone else.

Especially if Ethan Henderson fulfills his potential as a senior next year. When I first saw Ethan as a 9th grader, I felt he would be the next McDonalds AA from Arkansas. I still think he has all the tools. If Ethan develops like I think he should, we would have three high quality big men in 2018-19 in Gafford, Perry ( a McAA or close) and Henderson.

They should have the length and athleticism. They could add DJ Weaver, who would also add to length and athleticism.

Weaver is the guy I’ve been hoping they land. Because of his injury, his stock dropped (as did his ranking), I think he will play with a chip on his shoulder to show other schools what they missed

Comments: that’s the young man out of Houston who will play AAU summer ball on Ingram’s team.

I am really excited about having Gafford and Perry playing in the front court. They could easily be the best post tandem we have had in a long time. From the reports I have read about them, their games should compliment each other. We need at least two more athletic bigs so Coach A will be able to play them together as much as possible. Hopefully, Henderson will be one of those bigs. To be able to beat the Kentucky’s of the world and compete for championships, you have to have length, speed, shooting ability, and depth all over the floor.

We never have and probably never will have the NBA talent that Kentucky and North Carolina teams do, but we can have teams that have the athleticism, length, depth, and shooting ability to beat those teams consistently. We did in the early to mid-90’s. We can have those type teams again. Our national championship team had one first round draft choice, but Nolan could start Corliss and Dwight Stewart together because we had two 6’11" bigs to back them up. Plus, another 6’8" combo forward in Elmer Martin coming off the bench. We had multiple shooters, including bigs like Stewart and Darnell that could knock down 3-pointers. We can’t beat Kentucky right now because not only are they more talented, but they play the transition game better than we do. They are faster, longer, and more athletic.

The good news is the talent we are bringing in over the next couple of years seems to be faster, longer, and more athletic that what we have now. Just need to add a couple of more pieces and we should be able to compete with anybody in the country.

Not debating we need the type of talent that is coming in, but just for the record, we had a three game winning streak against Kentucky just three years ago. In fact Arkansas swept Kentucky home and away during Portis’s freshman year.

That’s part of the history between the schools that Dick Vitale left out out of the game! That would have given Arkansas credit for something.

I am well aware of the 3 game winning streak we had against Kentucky a few years ago. Loved every minute of those wins. Let’s face it though. Those wins were against two of Calipari’s weakest teams at Kentucky, but to be fair that wasn’t one of Mike’s two best teams at Arkansas either. Mike’s two best teams have been blown out by Kentucky four times, twice when playing for championships.

That is not meant as disrespect for Mike because I like what he has coming in over the next couple of years. We just need to get a couple of more pieces if we want to get to the championship level.

If that’s a question, then yes. If it’s a comment to the board as to who he is, exactly. Two years ago, he was compared to Perry and Zion Williamson. He tore his ACL and while the others stock blew up, his tanked (he’s listed as a three star). Kids gonna be out to prove he is as good as the others. I would love to get another McDonald’s All American talent (yes he is that good), who isn’t getting the recognition he deserves. He will absolutely have a chip on his shoulder and show it.

That UK team we swept wound up losing to UConn in the NCG that year.

Oh, this is fresh in my memory. The year Hogs swept Kentucky, I was at the Final Four in Dallas. The hotel was full of Kentucky fans because Kentucky was at that Final Four and lost to UConn in the finals. My hotel of course was full of Kentucky fans and they all felt Arkansas should have been in the NCAA field that year and how the selection committee snubbed us.

That team also went 29-11 and12-6 in SEC play, finishing tied for 2nd with Georgia. They didn’t win the SEC tournament, but finally gelled in the NCAA tournament, got hot, hit some last second shots, and made a run to the championship game. This team and the team before it, are the only teams Calipari has had at Kentucky to have double figure losses. I would say by comparison to his other teams, these two were two of his weakest teams at Kentucky.

We definitely should have made the tourney, but our nonconference schedule had to many 300+ RPI teams on it, if I remember correctly, that pulled down our RPI. Plus, getting blown out at Bama to end the regular season and losing to the Cocks in the SEC tournament doomed us to the NIT.