Dudley Update

UPDATE: Today is exactly a month since I had three strokes in one day. I still have loss of sight in my right eye and loss of hearing in my right ear, but I have regained my balance and got rid of the St. Louis Cardinals cane a couple of weeks ago. Feeling stronger, more rested and more positive about the future.I have a great loving wife in Petra to help me get through it. Thanks to all.


Great news and progress, keeping you in Prayer!

Sure glad to hear of your progress. Hang in there! Just said a prayer!

Dudley, coming from someone who’s admired your work for years I pray for the very best for you and your wife. I’ll be honest, I sure miss you on the board!

Great to hear this good news. We miss you Dudley. You’re the most sane guy I know.

Answered prayers on your progress Dudley. Prayers continued.

He texted me during my radio stint at noon that he was out “running” errands. I took that as a really good sign. I haven’t known Dudley to “run” in about 40 years.

I know he’s not running, but he is walking on the treadmill in his living room several times a day. When I’ve talked to him of late, he sounded like the old Dudley. Or maybe should I say the young Dudley? It was a good Dudley talking and that much I’m sure.

Still praying. Great to hear he is out and about!

Great to hear!

Awesome news, Dudley. Still sending prayers

Made my day. Glad to hear our resident warrior is plowing forward and thankful for your progress.

please keep working, we’ll keep praying. way to go!!!

Awesome news Dudley… Prayers!

Keep pushing through everything, Duds… better times ahead.

That’s great Dudley. Have enjoyed your columns from day one. As a previous poster said “keep pushing within reason”. Look forward to many more of your observations.

We wish the best for you, Dudley.

Great news and we wish you the best.

Do you have any advise for the rest of us based upon what you’ve been through?

We’ll keep praying for you Dudley! It is a true blessing to have a loving wife there to help and give you support thru this prayerfully COMPLETE recovery!

Good news! God Bless. GHG!

Praying for you Dudley