Dudley Update

UPDATE: Today is exactly a month since I had three strokes in one day. I still have loss of sight in my right eye and loss of hearing in my right ear, but I have regained my balance and got rid of the St. Louis Cardinals cane a couple of weeks ago. Feeling stronger, more rested and more positive about the future.I have a great loving wife in Petra to help me get through it. Thanks to all.


Prayers continue for you and Petra! It’s a slog, but it will get better, particularly the eyesight based on my experience!

Keep hanging tough Duds. You still have lots of living ahead of you. Prayers to you and yours.

Hang in there, Dudley. You will get better, especially if you do what Petra tells you to do!

Just hang in there and take it easy. You don’t have to be in any hurry. Glad you are doing better. Will keep you and your family in our prayers.

Pulling for you and praying for you and your family Dudley! get well and if you cannot do that get better!

I’m so glad to hear from you. I hope you know there are a lot of us praying and rooting for your full recovery. I had a heart attack 12 years ago and had to be revived twice so I know what support of family, friends and loved ones can do to lift your spirits. I’m doing well now and am sure you will be able to look back soon and realize how so many being behind you really boosted your resolve to recover. Good luck. Get well soon. We miss your commentary and presence on this board!

Great news Dudley and thanks for taking the time to update us personally. Many prayers coming your way constantly man.
Before you/we know it, you’ll be back on here keeping us in line again.

Been praying for you, Dudley. I knew you a bit back in the day, and I still think you are the best recruiting writer we have ever had. Coach Richardson always said, “all sickness is not death.” I certainly hope that’s the case for you. Hang in there, man.

Good to see progress my friend, will continue to pray for even better progress.

Gonna get you a Lakers hat to lift your spirits. Prayers for you Sir.

Pulling and praying for you, Dudley.

DD, that’s all great news, except the cane. If you have an excuse to use a cane, a CARDINALS cane at that, you should use that forever. matching paper boy hat or Fedora, I can see you rocking that!


Good to hear. We are all pulling for you.

Glad to hear you’re better, Dudley. Hang in & keep working. Prayers for your recovery.

Aloha DD,

You’re in my daily prayers. Thought of you this AM. You have given so much to the community and Razorback nation. A great example for all of us. Thrilled to hear of your improvement. One step at a time during your recovery phase. Maintain the optimism and courage. Establish goals, achieve them and establish new goals. May the good Lord continue to bless your recovery.


Glad you are doing better DD! I can relate somewhat to the cane. I had a freak mowing accident 4/2 and shattered my tibial. They put a intramedullary nail in. I’m still on my cane but getting better everyday. Continued prayers for a full recovery.

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