Dudley, Scottie, Matt

What would you say are the odds of Tate, Jackson, and Smith running it back with the Hogs next year? I’m pretty sure none of them will be drafted, although they could all play overseas. If any of them come back, we’ll be pretty salty next year, even if Moses leaves. I’m interested in your thoughts.

It’s really hard to say right now, but I would be a little surprised if they returned. All of them, like you said, could at least play for a check overseas. I think they’ll be looking forward to beginning their pro careers at season’s end.

My guess would be slim.

They have been students for a long time now

I yield to Scottie and Dudley on that question. They are most in tune with the team.

I agree, school gets old, especially if you have a degree and want to go be a pro somewhere. I imagine anyone that stays maybe has made up his mind to be done with basketball and go into a non-playing career. I don’t see any of those type players on this team. Well, actually, Kahlil, who I’m happy for.

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