Dudley/Richard ?

Are any of Georgia’s decommit’s from this month possibly looking this direction?

Bake I’m wondering how many more silent commits the hogs have? Those GA lost commits would be welcome to the hogs

Someone, (I think it was Dudley or Richard, not positive, but think it was) said before Taurean Carter committed we had three silent commits. Obviously, Carter was one, I assumed the other two is Catalon (based on every story about Carter included Catalon, on every site including ESPN) and Tim Anderson. I’m probably wrong, but that’s my best guess.

As for those GA commits, I think they’re “you have to make room for” guys.

I think it all depends upon the reasons they decommitted. Athletically, we’d take them. But there may be other issues we’re not aware of.

You may be right about Catlon being a silent commit.
The GA de commits could have other issues like So Ark hog mentioned could be the case.
I’m just hoping to see a couple of LB’s and OL commits soon!

Who/how many decommitted from Ga?

Two 5 star and two 4 star recruits have decommited from Ga this month including the #1 running back from La.

I read where one place said it would not be surprising if the two four-stars might have been cut loose by Georgia in hopes of landing bigger fish. But who knows why the five-stars decommitted.