Or any other insider. Few questions:

  1. I know Phillips had surgery awhile back, is he back to a 100%? If not is there a timetable for his being cleared?

  2. Seeing Embery had surgery. Any idea of the timeframe for the recovery?

  3. Any new news on Garland’s status?

Phillips is getting closer to 100%. Should be fine by the season.

Keyshawn should also be good by the season.

No change with Garland that I’m aware of.

Thank you

Twitter reports indicate Embery has been performing at a high level the pickup games they have been playing. So he must be fine

The Twitter report about the surgery was today, so he may not be playing pickup at the moment.

Is this the same injury Embery was dealing with while at IMG or something different? If so that is gonna be a bit concerning.

I don’t know. McPherson was answering someone’s question about it, and said he couldn’t comment on what the surgery was for because the family hadn’t gave permission to anyone to disclose what it was.

It concerns me, because we now have two guys recovering from surgery and a third with a serious medical issue. That puts us at only 10 players.

That is very concerning. I didn’t know that about Keyshawn. He just recovered from an injury that kept him out a good portion of his senior season. With such a young and inexperienced team we really need to stay healthy. Really hope it’s nothing serious with Keyshawn, composite wise he’s our highest ranked recruit.

Follow Keyshawn on Instagram. Someone asked how his recovery process is coming along, and he responded, “It’s going good actually! Couple more weeks left.” Last week he was asked if he will be ready to play by Game 1 and he said, 'Yeah of course."

Nice digging there Scottie good work.

In all seriousness, these guys detail so much of their days on Instagram. Twenty minutes ago Embery took a pic of himself laying on a training table going through therapy. Get an IG account and follow them. They don’t have to follow you back to see this stuff.

I have plans to be over next week.

Coaches are hitting the road recruiting today.

The Razorback twitter account just put out a brief video of the team playing and Embery was dressed out and you could see him moving and participating, was guarding Gabe on one of the clips, so looks like everything is fine with him.