Have you seen Kimberli Perry’s tweet about AR coaches not visiting or checking on Reggie like they should have. I know CMA can’t respond per NCAA rules, would either of you like to respond for him?

She sceerd :shock:


They were at every high school and AAU game the NCAA allows you to be at during open recruiting periods.

Called him at every opportunity.

You can go back and find quotes about that and about how fine a person Coach A is from the Perrys.

Home visit? September? He had switched his commit by that point.

As I have always said, parents of athletes should not go on Twitter. and talk about recruiting, fan bases, etc.

Be it football, basketball, baseball or whatever.

Some day, I’ll talk…out loud.

It’s just interesting to me that she said that today, after the Adidas explosion.

Especially since Moo U is an Adidas school. Hmmm…

Please, pretty please!!!

Did Dudley mean Sunday and just mis-typed? HaHa! Would love to hear those stories.

Captain Obvious is Obvious

Monk got paid along with Perry

Burn it down FBI