Dudley/Richard what is the deal with 2* rating on Isaiah Nichols

that is absolutely the worst evaluation of a kid I may have ever seen!! his exploision off the ball is as good as any you will see! what is going on here!! did they even look at the tape!! incredible! glad we got him he’s a beast and Fulwilder too,I coached in Ga a long time and the school Fulwilder comes from is a VERY good program and plays a very tough schedule…but really would like to know what is going on with Nichols embarrasing rating,thanks

He’s a 3* on ESPN, Rivals, and 24/7.

he’s better than that too no way he’s not at least a 4*

So, if what you say is true (and I’m not disputing it), just be glad we signed a “4 star talent” and leave it at that. If he is a “4 star player”, it will show on the field in the next few years, and those results ought to be enough for you or any Hog fan. Celebrate it just as you/we celebrated Gerald on Friday. It’s the PLAYER that matters - not the stars assigned to him.

I’ m very Happy just don’t like the kid to Rated an embarrasing 2* when he’s not…plain and simple.

Who rated him a 2*?

where he was rated a 2-star.

He’s not.

on this site here! go up and click on 2018 committments and he’s a 2*

I went and looked and it says he is a 3 star

Our site does not rate players with stars.

Again the Wiz nails it.

I agree that how many stars a young man has attached to his name doesn’t change who he is–or his abilities. But…

I did the same thing the OP did–went to “Recruiting”, “Committments”, and then “2018 Committments” and Isaiah Nichols does, in fact, have only 2-Stars darkened in on his profile. I looked twice just to make sure I wasn’t looking at it wrong. :slight_smile: I have no idea where this rating comes from…but it does give this young man 2 stars.

Still super glad he is a HOG!

I tapped on menu, scrolled down to recruiting, tapped on commitments, tapped 2018 commitments. It brought up the list of players and to the far right of Geralds info, it shoes three stars. Where does that star rating come from?
All the players listed show star ratings.

I went back and I see that the star ratings are by ESPN.

It has been corrected. Nichols is a 3-star.

Never mind. For some reason, I kept looking at Dorians star rating. Sorry, guys.

I am optimistic that probably eight of this year’s class
are four-star level.