Dudley/Richard...wazzis about Jefferson announcing that he's leaving Ark?

Was reported on the CBS site.

The story said he left in Jan. I bet the guy meant Starkel

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Uhhmmmmmmmmmmm…seems rather interesting since I just saw him (KJ) in a workout video recently with Pitt Boss and he was telling him how good KJ looked. Someone hasn’t done their job on reporting it appears. Besides, if true we would have heard by now since this is 2/5 and January is behind us. Looks like a bad error by a reporter or at least I hope it is!

I think that’s a very good guess.

I agree that it’s likely just a mistake (though, an egregious one) by the writer. But it seems unlikely he’s confusing him with Starkel as he also mentions Starkel’s departure in the piece, and then talks abouit Jefferson: “Starkel transferred to San Jose State. A third quarterback, former four-star prospect K.J. Jefferson, also announced in January that he is leaving the program…”.

Click the link again. Jefferson isn’t even mentioned now.

Yep…I’ll bet the “Razorback Nation” corrected him a few times in the last hour…

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Yes, big mistake.


He is certainly here.

The only Jefferson leaving town was a bus.


Exactly right…an egregious one indeed and it appears someone called him on it. Glad you caught Wiz!


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