Dudley, Richard, RazorAg: How is RJ

Glasper’s recovery/rehab progressing? Can he be the answer at PG? He averaged 31ppg as a HS senior and is about the size of that great guard for Georgia.

I think he was a great high school player, but I hesitant to dub him the answer at point guard because he has not played a minute of college basketball and I have not seen him practice this season…

He is redshirting this season.

How is the young man’s recovery. Does the staff expect him to play moving forward?

I’ll ask about him this week, but he injured the same shoulder twice in practice

I heard nothing more than it just needed to heal up

When you get the chance, could you let us know what he has been doing during his rehab? Did he get to the point where he could participate in practices and scrimmages? Does it look like he will be fully cleared soon?


Comments: As I understand the details on the Georgia PG he was considered undersized and they questioned the scholarship offered. Now in his last year they can’t stop singing his praises on the hardwood. Point in case Glasper just might developed into that PG we are looking for. I’m for one is pulling for him