Dudley, Richard, or anyone?

First off, I was a little upset about the move, but now I am really enjoying it. So, sorry about my first post! I got a few questions and any information is appreciated.

  1. Is the DE Taylor going to be on campus for this season or next?
  2. I know on the scout site and others it labels a lot of out commits as ATH. After looking over them would you say that we technically have 5 recivers? Nance, Warren, Barnes, Barkley, Jackson? I know things change but just curious.
  3. How many recruits do you expect us to sign this year? I know it varies each year with transfers, in or out, but knowing we signed 2-3 short last season, can’t we sign more than 25?
  4. Referring back to question 3, what postions are we looking to close out on? I know it’s super early and a broad question, but just trying to get a feel of things.
    Thanks for the info, and keep up the good work!
  1. Michael Taylor should know soon if he’ll be on campus soon. He believes he will be but until the official word comes you just don’t know. If he has to stay in JC he’ll enroll in Jan with two years to play.

  2. Yes, took their commitments as receivers but that doesn’t mean they couldn’t play elsewhere. I think Warren and Barnes are the most likely to play DB if there were any moves.

  3. I’ll have to double check but I believe they have two they could count back.

  4. Educated guess. 2 OL, 2 DL, 1-2 LB, 1 DB, 1 TE.

Thanks Richard! I like how they have so many commits already. Kind of lets them focus in really hard on the last few guys they want. These coaches have been hard at it. Of the 19 commits, they have got them from 13 different states. That’s pretty impressive to me. That’s got to be close to an all time high for us. Most of the SEC schools could fill their entire roster with instate recruits, or get very close, and then go hand pick the out of state recruits you want. We have what, 4-5 this year? I don’t think AR could have gotten a better coach, to do what is necessary in recruiting, coaching, and classroom. Hope he stays around for years to come!

Also lets them be more aggressive with the 2018 class too.

If Micheal taylor, goes back to juco I think he will have a nice spotlight on him and gets some big offers, he has a very high motor and flows to the ball very well, in other words I hope he’s on campus this fall…

So, the fact they have assigned him a number, said he signed financial aid agreement, and have an announcement on the school’s site, he isn’t officially in?


You can sign the financial aid deal at any point and once you do that allows the coaches to talk about you.

Coach B believes that he is going to be here this season.

We’ll know for sure in the next few days