? Dudley, Richard, Jimmy, anyone ?

From what you’ve seen of them, do we have any recruits in the 2017 & 18 basketball classes that jump out at you as being especially strong on defense? I know Gafford has that rep, but I’m asking mainly about the 1, 2, and 3 spots.

As a for instance, I remember reading specifically in Scout’s write-ups about the defensive prowess of Mardracus Wade and Clint McDaniel when they were in high school. They both proved that to be correct. Do any players in our next 2 classes compare favorably with Wade or McDaniel as standout defenders in high school?

Desi Sills. His motor runs 110%.

He loves the challenge of trying to shut down his guy.

I think both Garland and Hall have the potential to be great defensive players because of their motors and length.

As you noted, Gafford’s defense speaks for itself.

Sills and Joe are both excellent defenders.

Henderson and Perry have shown the ability to affect shots.

And Justice gets after it on defense.

I would say Sills is the best among all of the perimeter players

Thanks Richard and Dudley. From just what I’ve been reading, I’m not surprised at Sills fitting that defensive force category. I’ve only seen Garland play once and I did notice he really got after it on the defensive end and that was in an AAU game.

For Mike to have the success we all want for him, I believe the defensive side of the ball has to make the biggest move. Very glad to hear we have a few recruits coming in that can be dominant on the defensive end.