Dudley/Richard Basketball Recruiting Question

I know people have projected that because he was so tall at such an early age and has tall(er) family members but as you point out, he hasn’t grown much in the last 3 years.

I’m not saying it won’t happen but it’s not looking good. He’s still a good player and he might be just what we need.

I think my biggest concern would be Memphis. It’s basically his hometown and that program and city are getting back to their recruiting cess pool roots.

Wonder if he could be like Pippen and hit the spurt in college.

Memphis wouldn’t surprise me.

I know people disagree, but I’ve never thought we’d land the “Big 3” next year. Just never thought Moody, Moore, or Doakes had AR at the top of their list. Always thought Williams would be a Hog. Thompson seems to be “highly” coveted by the staff.

This year’s recruiting is much more interesting to me. Now, if any of those five for next year choose the Hogs, I won’t complain. Moore, even though he is undersized, seems to be legit, reminds me of Corliss

I agree with most of what you said.

Only disagreement we have is I think they’ll save one scholarship if we lose 4, and they’ll let Emeka Obukwelu hold on to it for a year and save it for 2020 class. I think you’re spot on about Gafford, Garland, and Ali being the open scholarships. And then if there is a 4th Henderson, Phillips, or Gabe would be the next in line in that order. I don’t think Embery-Simpson is a risk at all, he really loves Arkansas you can tell every time he gets interviewed, I’d be shocked if he wanted to go anywhere.

And just from reading the tea leaves, the 2019 will look like this…

  1. Justice Hill
  2. Javon Franklin
  3. Doudou Gueye looks like the top priority right now, if we don’t land him I expect we’ll offer Raymond Hawkins or Dischon Thomas, those guys appear to be the next 2 in line the staff has been watching the most. I really like both of those guys.

19-20 Roster

  1. Harris/Sills/Hill
  2. Joe/Embery
  3. Jones/Phillips/Franklin
  4. Bailey/Gueye/Gabe
  5. Chaney/Henderson/Obukwelu

What do you like about Javon’a game? And what do you think he needs to improve on?

Chaney is a good player but him starting at center won’t get it done but might cost this staff a job…Adrio Bailey has got to go from the starting line up period and if Henderson is our second best option at center you might want to buy your NIT ticket now

Completely forgot about that dude

I disagree on Chaney. He looks more like a 5 for our system. Also he is quite tall when he stands next to Gafford. Not much of a drop off in height. Has a nice vertical and hold his own in the post. I think he is more of a 5 than Gafford if you consider physicality. I agree with Blu.

I look for Chaney as our starting 5 with Ali as his backup as a redshirt freshman. They like Ali, his athletic ability and his hop. He is not going anywhere. He will be a force as a redshirt junior, as Chaney departs for NBA.

I hope they don’t lose Ali.

My prediction for next class is they sign 3, not 4. The three will be Hill, Franklin and a Big.

Three scholarships that come open are Garland (so sorry to predict this), Henderson and Bailey.

Gafford stays.

So disappointed in Henderson’s progress. When I saw him as a JV player, thought he was a can’t miss high division 1 impact player. Shows how it s easy to misread the potential of a big in junior high. Or maybe I don’t have much of scouting skills,

I would not complain if that scenario occurs, matter of fact I’d be overly excited

LOL! Riiiiiiiigggghhhhhhtttttt…he’s a lottery pick. He already passed up one year of making millions, he’s not doing it two years in a row.

Having not seen him play since high school, it would be foolish for me to comment on the development of his game based on a little bit of tape from last season.

Plus, as I have noted before, it doesn’t matter what I think about his game.

It’s what the staff thinks and the love his potential and the fact he has three years.

How would Chaney not get it done? He’s getting it done now as the back-up 5 and still has a ton of room to grow and improve. Also, if you look at Chaney’s body the kid is still growing, you can tell he can add more muscle and with his wingspan being so long you can tell he may add another inch or 2, that’s not uncommon at all. Wouldn’t surprise me if Chaney started off next season around 6’9 235ish.

Also, we don’t know what we have in Henderson right now. He hasn’t played. We’ve seen guys that didn’t play at all freshman year and ended up being good players. Trey Thompson comes to mind, Manny Watkins comes to mind, JaCorey Williams etc… Henderson is a former top 100 recruit there’s a reason for that. A good off-season will do wonders for him. I think what’s holding him back from making the rotation this year is he’s so skinny and lanky, he’s another kid that is still growing, I know McPherson said not too long ago he’s around 6’9 right now. This off-season will be huge for him, if he can put on some weight he has all the attributes and athleticism to be a good player.

Now when it comes to Bailey I agree with you there, you can’t sugarcoat his performances over the last 6 games or so. My guess is if he doesn’t pick it up quick, he’s going to see himself on the outside of the rotation, especially with Phillips getting healthier by the day.

Our chance with Moore was damaged when Devonta Davis elected to commit to Ok. State. They have played together for years and are close friends. Once you have an opportunity to watch Davis run the point for the Cowboys, you’ll ask yourself what Anderson and Watkins were thinking.

As far as I can tell their Plan A is Moses Moody. Sure you would agree with Moody over Davis, right?

Then for Plan B if Moody is no go, I think they want Bryce Thompson or the Memphis kid Murrell over Davis. I suppose that can be debated until we see how the three perform.

Remember they have only one official scholarship available in 2020. It is not like they can sign all four.

I think this is what they are thinking.

I don’t agree - after talking with Chris and his brother - that Arkansas getting Davis is a factor for Moore.

I think Moore will go to Arkansas, Memphis, Auburn or Ole Miss - and I see it in that order at the moment.

Then that’s good news, at the moment

Moses Moody is priority #1 along with Chris Moore, Bryce Thompson & Jaylin Williams.

If Mr. Moody believes he needs to go to Duke, Kentucky etc…to play with other potential Mcdonalds AA’s then Gerald Doakes is the priority.

Arkansas coaches will make room to sign elite instate talent.

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen any Arkansas related activity linked to Doakes.

In the last few weeks I’ve seen reports of them (for the 2020 class) watching Moses Moody, Bryce Thompson, Jaylin Williams, and Chris Moore. I haven’t seen any reports of them watching Murrell or Doakes. That’s not to say they aren’t still recruiting them, I’m sure they are in contact with them on a regular basis. But, typically you can put 2 and 2 together by how much they are watching players play on who their priorities are, and I think the four guys I mentioned above are at the top of their list right now for the 2020 class.

And from what I’ve been reading/just talking to people. I feel like we have a great chance with Williams and Moore. Dudley just mentioned he thinks we’re at the top of Moore’s list right now. And I think we’re probably at the top of Williams list right now as well.

Another reporter was saying he thinks Bryce Thompson current favorites from what he’s hearing is Arkansas and Oklahoma St.

And I don’t think anyone has a good feel on Moody yet. But, we have been the only official visit he’s taken so far, so that’s always good, I would think we’re at least in his top 5.