Dudley/Richard Basketball Recruiting Question

I know Dudley has said he guesses we should have four scholarships in the spring. I’m curious as to who you think we will add.

My guess would be:

Justice (obviously, he’s already here)
Javon Franklin
Dischon Thomas (is he a HS or JUCO, seen conflicting reports)

Am I even remotely in the ball park?

My question is who leaves to open those spots up?

Justice, Javon and two of the 4-5 F-C they seem to be on.

As for clearing up spots, you always look for those playing little to none and go from there

My opinion (only mine)

Definitely leaving - Gafford (NBA), Garland (medical), Ali (his situation reminds me of Doobie Jenkins - practice body)

Possibly leaving - Henderson (not getting enough playing time, has played less than Phillips who was injured), Phillips (same as Henderson, if he’s not playing he’s not staying)

Rumor mill possibility - Embery-Simpson (earlier there was some chatter about him being disappointed with his use, but he seems to be fine now)

Now, I don’t think we will lose all six, but I don’t think the first four I mentioned would be a stretch.

Javon’s injury could be a major 3 year blessing in disguise for Arkansas.

I was honestly hoping they wouldn’t use all of their availability after departures because the 2020 instate class is freaking loaded.

I agree about the 2020 class, but I’ve always thought we’d miss out on all the instate guys except Williams and we’d get Thompson from out of state (again only my opinion)

The instate guys that they are really after are Moody, Moore and Williams. I can see why Moody may not come because of offers from elite schools like Duke, Kentucky and UNC. Who do you think we will lose Chris Moore to?

Never thought he was “higly” interested. As to who, don’t know, unless UNC offers, but other than that not anyone standing out to me.

Justice and Javon.

Who else? No idea.

I highly doubt he gets a UNC offer. Good player. Could really help us. But, he’s a bit of a tweener and UNC usually goes after and gets higher-rated guys.

Depends on if he gets that growth spurt everyone has expected him to have since he was in the 8th grade. If not, I agree don’t think they’ll offer.

We’ll for sure be in win now mode so I think you take the two most most high impact guys you can get. That’s likely Gueye and Franklin.

If we have another open spot I like some of the HS/Prep guys they are recruiting. Hawkins, McCleary, Thomas and other dude whos name escapes me right now. Wild name though.

Of course there can be new names come up with grad transfers, playing getting out of commits due to things and that stuff.

I think I like Hawkins or McCleary the best if we get a prep/HS guy right now though.

Who is McCleary? Haven’t seen him mentioned? I actually like Thomas over Hawkins, but I wouldn’t complain if we get either.

I think you are wrong on Chris Moore. He and his brother are extremely interested in Arkansas.


I hope I’m wrong, as I said in another thread, I won’t complain if we land him.

Jalyn McCreary. Really the best place to learn on him is twitter. I’m not sure what the rules are here on posting player profiles and articles and things. Looks more of a 3/4 than a true big but he is putting up some major stats and getting some high major interest.

Hmmmm, looks good

I don’t disagree that Chris is interested. Mike has invested a lot of time on him. However, I would be very wary of Memphis. Penny and Mike Miller are going to be very good recruiters, and they have perhaps the top national recruit coming. In addition, Penny made it known from the outset that he was going after elite talent that the Blue Bloods seek.

As Chris and his brother told me, Arkansas, Ole Miss, Auburn and Ole Miss and Memphis have done everything right so far.

Not saying he is definitely coming here, just disagree with the not interested assessment

Never said “not” interested. Said never thought he was “highly” interested.