This is with the assumption that Connor is a Hog on Wednesday.

There is only 1 more scholarship left. Is it first come, first serve between Grayer and Moss? Or would we take both? If so then one more current Hog would have to leave.

I tend to think it is first come first serve, but that is nothing more then speculation on my part.


Doesn’t Grayer have to get a waiver from NCAA? I would assume it is Moss they want and Grayer is a potential backup option.

He does, but they are almost always automatic. Not sure of the Basketball rules, but he only played 8 games.

Didn’t Cheatnam (who was gonna visit here but committed to Nebraska) already get a wavier granted? I believe he had already played 10 or 11 games. I know he had played more than Grayer.

I think CEM is still weighing all his options.

KJ Lawson committed to Tulane today. Huh?

Because of KJ and his dad’s relationship with head coach Hunter.

Do you know the status of Blackshear?

I would still be surprised if Blackshear doesn’t end up at Kentucky or somewhere else that has a chance to win it all with his addition

I get the relationship aspect, but I wouldn’t let it rule my decision

I too was surprised with KJ’s decision.So, are we likely to end up with a front court of Chaney, Gabe, Bailey and Cylla?

We’ll see. Not sure yet.