Seeing AR is interested in both Doudou Gueye and Demontay Dixon.

Which one do you think the staff would like most, and have either of you seen enough of them to breakdown their games and how they compare?

I’m in love with Gueye’s game, 6’9, big wingspan, pure stroke, ton of athleticism. His size+skills will make him a match up nightmare. I looked for video of Dixon today and couldn’t find anything.

In one of Gueye"s last games vs. Snead State he had 3 pts., 3 rebounds, 1-6 shooting and 5 turnovers. Are you sure that this is the slick player you want at Arkansas?

My guess is:

Justice Hill
Jaylin Franklin
Tim Ceaser (if he continues to fill up the stat sheet with video game type numbers)

I have not seen enough of either yet to give you of a breakdown, but do plan to do so soon.

I do think will sign three players in the 2019 class - probably three different type players.

Do you mean Javon Franklin?

Also, what is Ceasar’s Stats. Haven’t seen them

Joe was 2-12 against Montana St…cut him. :roll:

I think you’ll see more options appear in the future.

Since the game mentioned above, Gueye has put up the following lines:

10 3 5 1
13 6 1 2
10 2 2 1
16 8 2 0
15 15 7 0

Season averages are 11pts 6rebs 2.5asts…incidently, in their most recent game that he almost had a triple double in, they played without their star, former Marquette player Khadim Sy, who’s averaging 19 & 9.

Looks like Doudou took on more of a starring role and picked up the slack.

Is the last name pronounced Daw daw or ?

His last name is Gueye - (I believe pronounced Guy), his first name is Doudou (and I believe it’s announced the ? As you wondered). Name is right up there with Bumper Pool

Announcers will have to be careful with his name.

Franklin is a big from FS Northside, I think. Your Franklin is a JUCO swing.

I looked him up, not saying you’re wrong, but the only Jaylen Franklin I could find was a guard the played at Parkview Magnet and is now at UMASS.

If you can find info (stats, videos, etc) on him or Caesar, I would appreciate it.

Jaylin Williams is a 6’10 Jr at FS Northside
Javon Franklin, 6’6, LR Parkview and Holmes CC

Both Hog recruits.

Yes, Jaylin Williams, not Jaylin Franklin

Hence my original question, Did he mean Javon Franklin?

Ah! Now I feel a bit silly.

Thanks for the clarification.

Wait until the 2021 basketball season. Jaylin Williams 2019 PF just committed to Auburn. Jaylin Williams 2020 PF will probably commit to AR (I hope). Bet the announcers get confused during that game

Where does Chris Moore fit in?

As someone who watches recruiting, the 2020 class has who I called the “new Triplets”, Moody, Doakes, and Moore. I’ve never thought we would land any of the three based off some older interviews, now as Dudley and RD both say, never say never, but right now I expect to land Williams and Thompson in 2020. Again JMHO