Dudley - Questionable Coaching

You posted yesterday you felt there had been a lot of either poor or questionable coaching this season - in a post where you said you thought the 2018 team is better than this one. Can’t remember if you said questionable or poor.

Can you elaborate on the coaching from your perspective?

Either word works.

While I don’t think they have as much talent as some seem to, I do think they have made some play-calling decisions out of desperation rather than out of logic.

I don’t understand some of the Xs and Os they have tried, but do not make myself out to be a football savant and thus I used the word questionable.

I really don’t have that big a gripe with the people they have played, but seems like they should have put them in better positions to win.

I think the 2019 team has better talent at some positions, but feel like there was a little bit more cohesiveness.

They should be 4-4, not 2-6.

If they were 4-4 right now, I think almost every fan would be satisfied the program is headed in the right direction. Amazing what that loss to SJS did. Reverse that & make a win out of any of the OM, UK, TAMU games & we’d feel pretty good right now.

I wanted to see 2 things this season—wins in all our NC games, at least one SEC win & competitiveness in all our SEC losses. We’ve been competitive only against the weaker SEC teams & lost again to the worst team on our schedule. It’s discouraging.

Same as me Chip… win all nonconference to me was a no brainer and must.

The record is right in line with the youth and the poor coaching. The major failure this staff has is at the QB position. Keep trying what’s has and continues to fail! That alone is pitiful and stupid! There’s no way to sugar coat this miserable season to this point.
They have failed to have the team ready to play for the opening kickoff after the club dub fiasco and have looked like they don’t have a clue!
Turn the music off at practice and chew some tail! When mistakes happen in a game chew their rear ends out and make corrections.
Heck act like you know what’s going on! Delete the post game presser that we have heard all year and come up with something new! If they don’t win 2 more games they need to clean house!

CCM has lost 3 games this year by sitting and watching from the sideline while his 2 grad transfers have failed and then went to the next one too late to make an impact on the game.
The hogs should be at least at 4-4 with 3 stooges coaching.

I think that’s what gripe fans Dudley is that we should be 4-4 with a chance 6-6 and go bowling, but now we have almost zero chance of that happening.

I appreciate the tone in Dudley’s post.

I see 4 50/50 games (OM, SJS, A&M, and KY), one of which never should have been a 50/50: SJS. Win 50% of those (and, you almost HAVE to have one be SJS) then we have different conversations. We FEEL like the corner might be turning.

50/50 games are either playmakers doing something incredible (Matt Jones, DMac, Felix, Joe Adams…we’ve won a lot because of having the best player on the field and having them do something special) or coaches out-coaching the other team. I felt that CBB out-coached LSU and OM in the back-to-back shutouts. He lost his mojo when he lost to Auburn by 1353-3 and then finished the year with three inexplicable losses after being up big. He started getting out-coached.

I feel like our 50/50 games are on the coaches. We have had zero QB development - it defies what Starkel and Hicks have done at other schools. We have had some intriguing play-calling that gets compromised by some WTH moments. Those coaching question marks can be erased if they had a difference maker on offense…and get them the ball.

We see, in all 50/50 games, our big playmakers disappear from the gameplan. If, of course, injuries didn’t sideline them. Boyd wears down quickly. O’Grady has to help block too much of the time to be an ever-present weapon - oh, to have one more TE who can do everything. Knox has only been a possession WR so far. Woods leads the conference in being wide open for a poorly thrown ball. Burks needs orchestrated touches. None are ready for the entire gameplan in their lap, so you have to have a QB help.

The OL doesn’t look nearly so bad if the gaffe plays are eliminated.

But, 50/50 games need the coaches to win. We are 0/4 on those. If we wind up 3-1 in November it will likely be because the coaches figure something out and turn 50/50 games into wins.

After looking at the ongoing poor game prep & execution, self-inflicted mistakes, inconsistent QBs, & questionable play calling so far this season, if we replayed SJSU, are we an improved team such that the game would be a likely win for us against a lesser talented team?

That’s what makes it SO frustrating. I think our record should 4-4 or even 5-3, we were right there with A&M until the pass interception late in the 4th quarter.

aTm came into the game against us so overconfident. They have played inconsistent all season & also almost lost to OM. They now realize that Jimbo was not a sure thing & revisiting their options.

With the quarterbacks that left the program last year and the lack of quality quarterback play this year it would appear there is an issue with the position coach. It may also reflect the staffs inability to evaluate talent.

Preach on. It’s about coaching

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QB coaches are supposed to prepare their QB’s to get better and win football games. That has not happened under Morris and Craddock. They go into games not trying to win games, but rather they play scared and play not to lose. This is the exact opposite of the notorious “hammer down, full tilt boogie” nonsense that he promised in his initial presser after he was hired.

Even Bilema had a very good QB coach, Dan Enos. Both Allen brothers improved as their season’s progressed. This did not happen last year nor has it happened this year.

We need to play Jones and Jefferson now. Both Hicks and Starkel have earned a seat on the bench. We need an aggressive game plan and if the young players turn the ball over and/or not move the ball , so what. The other QB’s have had their shots and they failed repeatedly.

We should be competitive in 3 of our 4 games and Morris needs to win at least 2 of them. If he doesn’t, he will just be the next buffoon in the fine tradition of “SMILE” and he will be ready for his massive buyout.