Dudley Question

I want to send you a personal message so everyone will not see it. I want to know if you are going to make it to the Rumble in Forrest City this year. It should be fun with all the Razorback recruits. I could not get the PM site to work for me. You know I am computer challenged. When I try to type you a message it would type a letter or 2 then would not let me type any more. The 4 letters it let me type were very slow to show. Now don’t show this to anyone as I don’t want people to know that I am not good on computers and this is a personal message to see if you will be at the Rumble. I would like to take you’all out for dinner while you are here. Your Razorback and Cardinal friend and devoted reader.

Trying to figure that out now - if I do it will be on Saturday

Good deal. If can come I will take you out dinner. Just let me know your plans.

Well, you posted it for all to see. :smiley:

To send a PM, you can click on the Userid of the individual to whom you wish to send the message. There will be a link to send a private message on that page. You can find the userid in any post by the individual, or you can find it in the list of userids at the bottom of the forum listing.

I thought that posting that on here might get a laugh. Sometimes, I think the Board needs a little levity

Where do we go to view PMs we receive?

I agree. I got a chuckle at it. I’ve worked in technical support for over 20 years. I apprecaite where you are coming from :slight_smile:

At the top of the board in the red band is a link called PRIVATE MESSAGES. If you are viewing the board on a mobile device, look at that red band for your userid. Click on that and select User Control Panel. Rotate your device to landscape mode and you will see the tab Private Messages.