Dudley: Question re Beard

If Texas Tech were to somehow win the Final Four, how could Beard even consider coming to Arkansas as a simple matter of logistics? There would be the ticker-tape parade in Lubbock, celebration(s) on campus, feting by the state legislature and the governor, visit to the state capital (maybe even a parade in the capital), and a visit to the White House? After the Hogs won it, the team and coaching staff didn’t even get to sleep for a couple of days. All of the foregoing would take a minimum of three months…maybe longer. Would he skip all of that adulation and glory to come to Arkansas a few days after the championship game is over? How could anyone possibly do that?

My assumption is that if he wins the whole thing we are out of the picture.

If not, then we are in discussions with him.

I dont think we would be in discussions if he wins it all. There’s absolutely no way.

Rollie Massimino almost took our job in 1985 immediately after winning the NC at Villanova, as Dudley can confirm.

Rollie flirted, but when it came time, he didn’t put a ring on it.

As far as Coach Beard, I think it remains a longshot.

If he were to win the national championship, I would think there would be a better chance of me becoming a Chicago Cubs or Los Angeles Lakers fan.

That chance is zero.

Dudley, do you think Beard and Self are running about even chance 0%?

Cardinals and Celtics?

Cardinals, Celtics, Cowboys, Man United and Las Vegas Golden Knights.

Speaking of ManU, their season seems to mirror the Hogs basketball for the last few years. Slow start, a winning streak followed by a slump (in progress right now). So if it follows the pattern, a small winning streak is in order to finish the season. That would be helpful. They could jump from 6th all the way to 3rd. I am sure you will be okay if they finish 4th. You have to get past Swine’s Arsenal and my Chelsea though.

In the meanwhile what a battle between Liverpool and Manchester City for the title!

I hope DD’s not counting on winning the Champions League. The Barcelona Messis await in the quarters. I think Arsenal has a better chance of finishing third than of winning Europa League. Chelsea may have a better change of winning Europa than of finishing top four.

If Arsenal gets top four and finishes ahead of Tottenham, I’ll be satisfied in the first post-Wenger year. UEL title would be a bonus. But that battle for third and fourth is going to be a mess.

Sorry you had to type that, I know it hurt.

Difference being that Man U “sacks” managers all the time after the run of Sir Alex.

I would not put Bill at zero, but not too much higher.

We’ve talked during the time that he should have been coach here - great job John White - and have since about it.

But right now I would assume if the Kansas thing doesn’t work out, he’ll head to the NBA.

Not counting on winning any thing right now, just continuing to get better under…Ole, Ole, Ole, Ole , Ole Gunnar Solskjær