Dudley Players transfering in

Do players from other schools generally transfer in during the fall, spring, or summer semester? Is there any chance we will be involved with any this summer or fall?

either usually requires completing semester in residence for academic progress eligibility or to get a degree and transfer. One WR who will be a hot target is TX WR who is splitting and leaving the 40 acres. Given that he is from Manvel, I would assume Morriss and staff know him well. Would not help until 2019 when Burks will be our top priority, Reggie would be a great get no matter:

https://www.burntorangenation.com/2018/ … s-football

Morris seems to be a realist when recruiting and did not devote a lot of exclusivity to Bush or Joshua Moore when recruiting elite WR prospects under his watch. I would bet this kid might have a bit of interest in AR and the SEC to fit his future.

Generally, it’s been in the summer. A few do make the jump at Christmas, but that window has already closed.

A lot of grad transfers make the move after the spring because they have classes to finish.