Dudley! Picking Your Brain!!!

What are the chances the coach has already been hired? In your mind is he one of those mentioned? When should we know something?

Obviously, NOT Dudley.

But I will say my sense of things (and I have not pored over this very much as of yet) is that Sampson is invoking a lot of vague coach-speak at this time that leads me to suspect there is a framework in place that is plausibly deniable. I don’t KNOW that, but my spidey senses are feeling it.

People often misread coach-speak to fit their own agenda. I remember well when the desperate and in-denial Mizzou fans proclaimed that Mike was NOT coming here because he said something very similar to this “I love what’s going on here at Mizzou and I plan on being here for a long time”. Of course he did - at that moment, he was in the middle of a long-term contract, and was having success on the court. So - at that moment (which preceded making a final agreement with Arkansas), those were his plans. He probably knew there was a good chance his plans were about to change. But he spoke the truth as it was at that moment.

What he didn’t say was “I love Arkansas and am grateful for my time there. I don’t know who their next coach will be, but I do know it won’t be Mike Anderson. We’ve got unfinished business here at Missouri and I couldn’t be more excited to be here above any other opportunity. So, I will be here next year, bottom line. If approached by Arkansas, or anyone else, I will decline. I hope that ends all speculation.”

That’s what you want to hear out of your coach. Until and unless you do, there’s a reason to worry. Now, in a given case, the coach may want to move but may not ultimately be offered the job. When that happens, suddenly his statements become a little less vague and more definitive. So far, we haven’t seen anything Houston can hang their hat on, and that tells me he is at least under serious consideration, and he may even have a general agreement in principle - through his agent, of course. Sampson himself would not have directly spoken to Arkansas, but his middle-man would and would relay the info back and forth. That way, Sampson can deny, deny, deny until he accepts.

This is what it feels like is going on to me. Where Beard fits into all of this, I’m not sure. I’d think we probably at least want to hear him say “no” before we move on, which he probably will. Unless Sampson is the number 1 choice and Beard is a possible back up plan in case Sampson says no. Beard would be MY number 1, that that’s irrelevant to what is really going on.

Great take here Wiz, feeling the same. The only thing I would add is paragraph 3 (don’t know how to highlight stuff like everyone does) coach’s don’t say that even if true because it would be much harder to get your leverage bump in pay that alot seek when there names get mentioned to another job… which very well may be what KS is doing and getting if he stays at Houston

I would say that HY plays things close to his vest

There is likely something to the Sampson stuff because of what the Houston media, Houston chairman and national media is reporting or saying on that end of things

I assume a yes or no would come really quickly now and things should be clear and a candidate hired pretty soon