Dudley or Richard?

Any chance Anderson goes after another big for this years class? Maybe a juco? If garland is medically unable to play because of condition that would free up a scholarship. Also someone might transfer. I think we need a big in a bad way. A 4 or 5. Or will he save it for next years class.

Nothing is off the table from what I understand. Obviously, the pool of prospects is much less in the spring vs, in Nov. Wherever there’s something very solid you’ll hear about it here.

Good question! I think we need a Juco or grad transfer 4 or pg as well

We are going to need Juco’s to balance the class distribution. We have way too many SR’s this year being replaced by way too many HS Freshman next year. We have CJ who will be a JR with Gabe and Hall that will be Sophs. We have the transfer guard as well.