Dudley or Richard?

We have one signed and 3 commits in basketball. Questions:
1: Do you expect all that have committed to sign w us?
2. Assuming above answer is yes, adding the 3 transfers sitting out that will equal 7 new players next year to date. Please correct me if I’m wrong. Do you expect any more additions to the roster?
3. What would you think might be an area of need if muss looks for another recruit or transfer in this years class?
4. How many will we look to sign for the 2021 class and what positions?
Thx in advance

Not RD or Dudley, but I want to try and answer your question #3.

In my opinion, he would look at a long, athletic wing - 6’7: 6’8. We have 4 (freshmen and Notae) guards coming in with at least two returning (Sills, Harris) and possibly 2 more returning (Joe, Jones). We also have three bigs coming in (Williams, Vanover, Iyiola), and Chaney returning. Possibly Ethan. That would be 13. So, someone would have to leave, if that happens, looking at the roster, we have bigs, and guards, but really no prototypical 3. That why I think he would look for one.

The player who can play the three – the athletic 6-7 guy who can shoot – is the toughest man to find in the high school ranks. Well, except for a 7-footer who can walk and chew gum. And, yes a coach will be looking for that guy until the end of time. Yes, like a Todd Day. Or like a Lenzie Howell, or like a Darrell Hawkins, or yes, like a Ron Huery. Find him, you have found gold.

Well said Clay.

With Muss, can’t count out Transfers and JUCO’s. Is one out there? No clue

Muss went after one for this year and had him until Kansas stepped offered - Moss. Man, would he have helped this year.

If I’m not mistaken D1 men’s basketball can have 13 full scholarship players and D1 women get 15?
Is that correct?

That is correct.

Yes, that was gut wrenching when Miss decommitted. Still don’t know what happened. I remember he and Vanover were on the OV together and we thought we were 2 for 2. Remember seeing them together at Baum.

I remember Moss committed a week or two after Muss was hired. Muss had gotten off to a flying start and then Moss pulled the rug from under him.

I still think for this offense to be unguardable we need someone we can throw the ball into to score and since Williams is more of a 4.whose the 5? Chaney? not big or skilled enough for that IMO.I want someone who can make them have to DT so that will open up the 3 ball all night,We don’t have anybody like that coming in and I think it’s very important we get somebody who can score inside and be an relentless offensive rebounder

Agree with Clay. The 6-6 to 6-8 wing types give you a lot of versatility.

All I know they’re always recruiting. You have to with the amount of transfers that happen every year.

As far as how many for 2021, I would say two but that number could go up. They’re all in with Harrison Ingram.

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