Dudley or Richard??

A lot has been written about the speed of the roster.
Do either of you think that we dont have the speed other teams have?
I know ala and Lsu are faster across the board than us but what do u see?

The back end of the def and even wr seem a step slow

How would you know on the wide receivers? We never run fly patterns, not because they can’t do it (they can) but because we can’t protect Austin long enough for him to throw a deep ball most of the time.

It certainly looks to me like Arkansas lacks speed on defense

By the lack of separation they get even on short passes and always get caught from behind and not with the angle.

The fastest player on the team was very underutilized IMO. I know the coaches probably had their reasons, and I’m not 2nd guessing them, but I expected big things from Reed after the way he ended the season last year. I remember him running off and leaving that LSU DB, and others. Very disappointing.

I would agree with your last sentence.

You need more playmakers on both sides of the ball. I like what they’re doing in this recruiting class as far as speed.

I would say a lot of the fastest players on the team were not utilized this year for a variety of reasons. In addition to Reed, T.J. Hammonds and Deon Stewart saw the field very little, and Jordan Jones redshirted.